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    Short time diamond thief, this massive man could eat anything and place it in an alternate dimension. He went on to become an ally to The Flash(Wally West).

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    Origin and History

    There is not much known about Chester P. Runk in his years as a youngster. Chunk was constantly a corpulent man, but simultaneously a genius. He grew up being a very obese man. He was as brainy as the Teen Titans' own Cyborg. He constructed a stable but diminutive machine that would let the user absorb matter and expel it into a pocket dimension called the Void. The machine blew up the first time Chunk tried it and merged with him. He now has the ability to warp to the Void. He realized he would keep warping there and could not return, unless he fulfilled his thirst for hard stones such as Diamonds. Chunk spent his next few years forced to consume incredibly dense materials to keep from imploding. He also gained the power to teleport objects to different dimensions. He became a jewelry thief, after realizing this was his only way to live. He ended his scientific life for this. He knew he had to survive.

    Encounter with Wally

    Chunk came to the attention of Wally West, the Flash. Wally was at a psychiatrist to talk about his problems. There was a luxurious jewelry store in the vicinity. Chunk chose this place to rob first. He brought a light pistol with him. The jewelry store was vacant. Not a soul to be found except the manager. After his time in there threatening the manager, a women shrieked from the hall. This is when Wally West transformed into the Flash. Running as fast as he could, he observed Chunk empty the shelves of the priceless and classy jewelry pieces. When he perceived the Flash running up to him, Chunk let out a few bullets at the Flash. After there encounter, Chunk exited the store. The next instant, everybody experienced a massive earthquake. When Flash went out in the corridor to look for Chunk, he was nowhere to be found. He had disappeared into the Void. The Void is a Dimensional world where Chunk, and the people he has absorbed, lives. Chunk was thin skinned and took out his aggression on what would be the smallest of matters. He sent Karin Preus to the Void because she wouldn't go out on a date with him. He sent Eric Gunderson to the Void because Eric cut him off at an intersection. He sent his therapist Jarrett Parker to the Void because of all the money spent for the doctor's sessions. He sent the owner of a science fiction store to the Void because the owner told him to take a bath. A lady was sent to the Void because she asked Chunk not to stare at her breasts. Two other men were sent to the Void because one of them didn't get out of Chunk's way fast enough and the other man thinks it was because of the shirt he was wearing. Chunk's machine which his body had absorbed, lets him travel to this universe. A few days’ later, Chunk hijacks a truck containing nineteen hundred pounds of twenty-four karat gold. Chunk’s massive body weight grants him the power to lift a couple tons. He hauls up the truck like it’s a feather, and rips off the door with one hand. Chunk threw the men inside the truck's cab out onto the street. The next instant, he gets in and then disappears into the mysterious world of the Void. A light earthquake is felt. Whenever Chunk teleports to the Void, there is a slight earthquake but nothing severe. Chunk has to feed his hunger for hard stones like diamonds, or else he will keep teleporting to the Void. The next day when Flash has to attend his meeting, the Chunk strikes again, this time at a local jewelry store. And this time he uses his magnetism power, which he had received when he consumed his machine, to take the Flash with him to the Void.

    Persistence of Vision

    For more information see: The Flash #48-50

    Chunk has been working with Wally's mother, Mary West, and comes to Wally when she goes missing. With the help of Wally and the Elongated Man, Chunk is able to track down Mary and learn that she has been kidnapped by Vandal Savage. Later while with the Elongated Man, Chunk is also kidnapped by Savage. He is then forced, along with all of Wally's friends, to watch the Flash be shot by Savage. Wally survives and defeats Savage and rescues Chunk and his other friends from the villain.

    Chunk later reforms, and becomes a good friend to the Flash. While walking with his girlfriend, he is shot by Plunder. The bullet is coated with white dwarf material. Chunk loses control of his powers, creating a black hole. Wally manages to remove the bullet, and Chunk recovers and becomes a trusted ally to Wally West and helps him on several occasions.

    Chunk was a member of Amanda Waller's Shadow Fighters. They were sent to fight Eclipso on the dark side of the Moon.

    New 52 The Flash

    Chunk is a middle school student who shares the same classes as the second Wally West.


    Chunk has super strength and invulnerability. Chunk can also absorb matter and expel it into a pocket dimension called the Void. Chunk can be hurt only by bullets that are coated or laced with White Dwarf Star material, the substance that allows superhero the Atom to shrink.

    Other Media

    The Flash (2014 TV series)

    Chester P. Runk appears in the season 6 premiere of The Flash, portrayed by Brandon McKnight. This version is a scientist/ streaming video personality who invents things from what he finds in junk yards. One of his experiments lead to him creating a black hole. When he touched it, he became vegetative. Team Flash would later find out that his subconscious is creating black holes in different parts of Central City.


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