Chun Yull

    Character » Chun Yull appears in 52 issues.

    Chun Yull is an alien bounty hunter/mercenary from a subatomic moon of Saturn.

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    Chun Yull is an alien bounty hunter/mercenary from a subatomic moon of Saturn, Klaramar. He was often chased and defeated by a Klaramarian Manhunter, Klee Pan the Face-Hunter from Saturn.

    Major Story Arcs

    Revenge of the Green Lanterns

    The Faceless Hunter From Saturn is seen in a bounty hunter bar in London.

    Hal Jordan: Wanted

    The Faceless Hunter from Saturn has taken over the minds of the Global Guardians and uses them to collect the bounty on Hal Jordan. He is almost successful but then Rocket Red Brigade and Justice League of America show up and he and his mind controlled Global Guardians are defeated.

    Emerald Eclipse

    Chun Yull and and a group of Green Lantern villians escaped from Oa when it was destroyed. They chose to ally with the Green Lantern Corps when they were almost killed by shape changing aliens.

    Powers & Abilities

    The Faceless Hunter From Saturn is only an average hand-to-hand combatant, but he possesses vast super-strength, enhanced senses, size manipulation, gadgets, telepathy, material absorption, and high intellect.

    Other Media

    Faceless Hunter appears on the show Batman: The Brave and Bold. In this incarnation of the character, he was forced to work for Starro after the creature captures his world. It is revealed that it can't control his kind, but it makes a deal with Chun that he works for it and his planet wouldn't be destroyed. However, in the second part of the this two-parter, he reveals following Starro's defeat that in fact he had made a different trade with Starro. If Starro destroyed his peaceful world, he would work for him. Following Starro's defeat, he uses B'wana Beast to combine the Starros to destroy the world. He is defeated, but at the cost of B'wana's life. He is voiced by John DiMaggio.


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