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Chun-Li made her first appearance in Street Fighter II as one of eight playable characters and would be the only female Street Fighter character known until Cammy White appears in Super Street Fighter II. We later find out when Street Fighter Alpha was released (Which is a prequel) that there were several other female characters that became a part of the story before the Street Fighter II storyline. Chun-Li is a member of the ICPO or otherwise known as Interpol in several different mediums where Chun-Li appears. At the age of 18 she decided to become a police officer to assist in the investigation of her father's kidnapping. Throughout the years she had become to master and learn many Chinese fighting styles. Chun-Li is most notable for her striking kicks. Her legs are powerful and her balance is uncanny.

The Street Fighter Animated series in it's intro shows her destroying a tank with her kicks. Chun-Li's father had been investigating a crime syndicate called Shadowloo and when she found out his disappearance may be linked to Shadowloo she began her own investigation which led to her first encounter with M.Bison.



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Chun-Li was a very gifted child. Even musically she was something special. Different mediums depict differently how she displays that talent. A Street Fighter promotional picture released by Capcom depicts a young Chun-Li playing what appears to be a shamisen (an string instrument most prevalent in Japan), and in the movie "Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li" she is depicted as an exceptional piano player. She was trained at a young age by Master Gen. At what age that took place is unknown but obviously she was trained before the tournament started in Street Fighter Alpha. You find out that ICPO is after M.Bison because Shadowloo runs a drug cartel and it's implied her father was killed by Bison. Street Fighter Alpha 3 is the only story in the Alpha series that matters because it's the last one. In her ending it implies that Chun-Li used the Psycho-Drive against Bison to defeat him and the tyrant Bison is gone. She then vows to take out others like Bison and says that defeating him was only the beginning. From other endings in the game we know that Bison was defeated but it wasn't by Chun-Li's hands.


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Chun-Li has her second run in with Bison in this game. It is unknown what actually transpired between the two. Of course if you complete the game with her it will appear as if she has defeated Bison but that didn't happen. Since Street Fighter II Turbo is the only story that matters and that is canon we know that it was actually Akuma who defeats Bison and easily too.


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Chun-Li doesn't have a huge role in this game because it is implied that Shadowloo is no more by the time this story takes place. It is also implies that SFIII is a side story and unrelated mostly to the other games. Chun-Li has now become the teacher but when one of her students gets kidnapped by Urien she goes after him. She does not defeat Urien but she does put up good enough of a fight to impress him and he released the child back to her. Chun-Li in this game was one of five new characters added in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.


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This story seems to be a continuation of the events in Street Fighter II. From any cinematics involving her we can't gather much of a story. It appears as if very little has changed since SFII. She still hasn't taken out Bison and she's still a World Warrior\ICPO agent.


  • Height: 5'8"
  • Weight: 160 lbs
  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Martial Art: Tai Chi, Chinese Kempo

Other Media

Film and Animation

Chun-Li - Street Fighter II V
Chun-Li - Street Fighter II V

Video Game Appearances

  • Street Fighter II (first appearance)
  • Street Fighter II Champion Edition
  • Street Fighter II Turbo Hyper Fighting
  • Super Street Fighter II
  • Super Street Fighter II Turbo
  • Super Street Fighter II Revival
  • Street Fighter Alpha 2
  • Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold
  • Street Fighter Alpha 3
  • Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper
  • Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max
  • Street Fighter Alpha Anthology
  • Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
  • Street Fighter EX Alpha
  • Street Fighter EX 2
  • Street Fighter EX 3
  • X-Men vs Street Fighter
  • Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter
  • Marvel vs Capcom 2
  • Capcom vs SNK
  • Capcom vs SNK Pro
  • Capcom vs SNK 2
  • SNK vs Capcom: Chaos
  • Street fighter IV
  • Super Street Fighter IV
  • Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition
  • Marvel vs Capcom 3

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