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    "The Lakeshore Strangler" Charles Lee Ray, also known as Chucky, is a serial killer whose soul got stuck in a doll that no kid would want as a present. Chucky started a rampage to find a human body to transfer his soul to. He is the main character and antagonist of the Child's Play franchise.

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    Child's Play (1988)

    Charles Lee Ray was a serial killer (also known as the lake shore strangler) was chased into a toy store by a a police man. The police shot at Charles Lee Ray and before he died he transferred his soul into a good guy doll. It was the same night the exactly same store lightning stuck the building (due to Charles lee Ray soul switching) that caught the store on fire. A few days later a we discover that the doll that Charles Lee Ray transferred his soul into (Chucky) was in possession of a bum who souled him to a woman to give to her child (Andy) For a birthday gift. From there weird things started to happened, people starting dying and no clue it was lead back to Charles Lee Ray himself. First murder Chucky committed to his doll was Andy's babysitter a close friend of his mother, with getting hit in the head with a good guy doll hammer. After getting hit she walked backward and went out the window. Considering nobody believed that a doll could do this they suspected Andy of committing this crime. (As they do all throughout the movie) The next day instead of going to school Chucky took Andy to an old friend of his Eddie. Andy was not aware that Chucky killed Eddie by blowing up the abandon building he was staying in. Andy was then put into an asylum after telling everyone Chucky did it, which again nobody believed. While Andy was there that is when Chucky discovered that he could transfer his soul into the first person he let known of his true identity. That is when he went after Andy hoping to transfer his soul into the boy's body. His mother was the first to know that Chucky was real because she checked for batteries and none was in him. Chucky bit her and ran off to get to Andy in the asylum. Andy being a nervous wreck after he realized Chucky wanted to hurt him, Andy escaped and went home. The policeman who originally shot Charles Lee ray was on the case and was there to witness they were not crazy, and Chucky was really alive... The big final battle of the movie... Chucky was shot, burned, beheaded, and still came back for more. It was only after they shot him in the heart did Chucky died... (For this movie)

    Child's Play 2 (1990)

    Starts off of apart of the old Chucky Doll getting rebuilt with the salvageable parts. While cleaning him up a miss unfortunate accident happens leading to the death of two workers. One of the CEO of the good guy industries took the doll under his supervision and later that night was killed by being suffocated with a plastic bag. Once again trying to find the same little boy, Andy who was at the time in foster care, just got released to foster parents. Andy after everything that had happened to him did not want to see or be around any good guy dolls. Which his foster parent who previously had temporary children had a good guy doll (Tommy). Chucky did some investigation and found him. Getting rid of Tommy by burying him in the backyard he replaced him and was inside Andy's new home. Andy however was treading on thin ice because his foster father thought he was too strange his foster mother wanting to accept him and Kyle other foster child (17 years old almost 18) living there really didn't care but was trying to help him. With a heavy heart he started carrying around the good guy doll trying to show his new family he wasn't as bad as they thought. Things started going downhill when Chucky followed Andy to school, altering one of his school assignments which made Andy stay after school. That is when Chucky decided to try to go after Andy. However the teacher ruined his plans when she locked Chucky into the closet and went to make a call. Andy went out the window to escape before the teacher came back to the classroom. Thinking Andy went into the closet she went to look for him but all she found was Chucky. Chucky killed her by brutally hitting her with a yardstick. Chucky made his way back to Andy's home, where Andy tried to tell everyone he was alive but again nobody believed him. His foster father had enough of hearing this subject he threw Chucky into the basement. Later that night Andy decided to try to kill Chucky before Chucky could do anymore to do harm. His foster father catching him downstairs was really upset only to discover that Andy was right the doll was alive but only before his last breath of life. Family was upset over this Andy went back to the orphanage, while Chucky murdered his old foster mother as well. Kyle discovered the other good guy doll, Tommy, and went to show this to her foster mother only to discover she was dead. Kyle realized then that Andy was telling the truth. As she turned to go Chucky jumps out and forces her to take him to Andy. Driving to the orphanage, Kyle and Chucky were pulled over by a police officer who notices the good guy doll sitting in the passenger seat and that his nose is bleeding. Chucky learned he was turning human again. As they continue on and finally make it to the orphanage the fire alarm is pulled to stir up chaos . The head of the orphanage thought it was a prank pulled by Kyle and sent her with the Chucky doll to the office where she learns that Chucky is real and then Chucky kills her by bashing he head into the photocopier as copies of her bloodied face are spewed from the machine. while Chucky was once again on a rampage Kyle and Andy made there escape running to the toy factory where the good guys dolls were made....the final battle....At the factory, Chucky got Andy into a position to have his soul transferred into his body. After saying the voodoo words nothing happened. It was to late and Chucky was stuck. Chucky was then stabbed, had his hand crushed and was covered in molten plastic all of which failed to kill him, thinking quickly Andy grabbed a broken air hose and shoved it into Chucky's head causing his head to swell like a balloon and popped. (Thus for this movie he was dead)

    Child's Play 3 (1991)

    After drops of Chucky's blood getting into a new batch to make good guy dolls he was once again rebuilt and reborn. Some time has passed now and Andy is now all grown up and in the military. Learning where Andy is at he again decides to go visit his old friend at his base by mailing himself. However to his surprise when the package was opened it was not Andy, It was a young boy name Taylor. Instead of going after Andy he decided this new boy would be perfect and more vulnerable. After gaining Taylor's trust, Andy's warning to Taylor was meaningless. Taylor just thought that Andy was jealous because Chucky was his friend now. Throughout the movie people started dying and Andy was looked upon as a freak for trying to warn people about the doll being alive. In a ritual war game, the body count rises for Chucky replaced paint balls to real bulletins. Andy relentlessly trying to convince Taylor, Chucky was evil. Finally Taylor realizes that the killing of the war game was all Chucky's doing...Final Battle.... They reached a fair and went into a fun house behind the staging. From there Chucky was wrestled and ended up into a really big fan blade and got chopped to little bitty pieces.

    Bride of Chucky (1998)

    After years of searching for Chucky, Chucky's old girlfriend Tiffany, con a police officer to release the doll to her. In return for the doll she killed him with her nail file. Taking the doll back to her trailer, stitching him up, saying the voodoo spell to once again makes the doll alive. At first she thought it had failed as company knocked on her door. It was her want to be boyfriend coming in from the rain wanting a little loving. She realized that Chucky was not where she had him and knew he was alive. She agreed to put on a show and tied him to the bed, as Chucky appeared in the corner, she placed him on top of the man. As she did her dance she explained how her and this doll was once lovers, the man made joke. Chucky turned his head with a smart comment, "It ain't the size that counts asshole. It's what you do with it," then killed him. Chucky and Tiffany started to talk and things was unrevealed upsetting Tiffany and her throwing him into a playpen locking him up. Next morning Tiffany then disposed the dead body from her trailer and in a mean cruel but humorous joke bought Chucky a bride. (End joke she found a ring Chucky stole and thought he was going to purpose to her with it, which wasn't the case.) Chucky escaping the playpen killing off Tiffany and having her soul transferred into the brides body. Stuck this way unless they get a pendant that he was buried with they were stuck that way forever or until they got killed. Tiffany changed the looks of the bride to fit her own. She had called a man, Jesse, to take them to where Chucky was buried for a nice fee. He agreed and took his girlfriend, Jade, (a girl who he was forbidden to see) with him. Jesse and Jade decide to get married and stay at a hotel where Chucky and Tiffany sort of said their vows, and did what any other married couples do the night of their wedding. Onward with their journey people started to die, Jade's uncle shows up dead in the vehicle they are driving and discovers that the dolls are alive. With the murders and everything there was a APB out for them and a road block on the path to the cemetery. Now Jesse and Jade were the perfect couple for Chucky and Tiffany to transfer their souls into. They held them hostage until they got to the cemetery....Final battle...After Tiffany roasting in the oven burned, Chucky flying out the vehicle. Jade was Chucky's hostage and Tiffany was Jesse's. They exchange females and let the war continue. Jesse got stabbed, Jade was fine, Tiffany got shot, Chucky got stabbed and shot down in his own grave. An officer came cleared the man and woman looked at Tiffany's dead body. As he did Tiffany came back to life just to give birth. (The baby attacked the officer as the movie ended)

    Seed of Chucky (2004)

    In this movie Chucky and Tiffany were famous and was working on a new movie for Hollywood. However they were not alive. Their child Glen, (or Glenda) went searching for them after seeing them on the television. Making his way to Los Angles he reunited with his parents. Still not alive thinking they were giving him the cold shoulder, Glen ask about a phrase and as he spoke the words it made Chucky and his bride alive once again. A special effect guy came in to work on Tiffany by opening her back, causing pain for her, Chucky and Tiffany killed him with the same wires used to make the dolls move on the movie set. Hiding as Jennifer Tilly (playing herself) comes in to find a severed head on the ground picks it up and begins to jokingly play with the head only to discover it is the real head of the FX person, screaming. The police arrive as the trio escape into the back of Jennifer's limo they soon arrive at her mansion and glen wonders why they kill and if he would be a killer to in which Chucky quickly replies "Of course, it's been a family tradition for generations." Tiffany begins to think and decides they both should give up killing, which Chucky disagrees with. Chucky and Tiffany also want to get new bodies for themselves and Glen so they hatch a plan top kidnap and get Jennifer Tilly pregnant so Tiffany can steal her body. As the movie goes on Chucky and Tiffany continue to kill behind each others backs and it causes Glen's split personalty of Glenda to appear and kill Jennifer Tilly's assistant. A silent home alarm that was set off by the assistant summons the police as Jennifer begins to give birth due to the sped up voodoo induced pregnancy. During all the commotion Chucky realizes that he does not want to be a human at all but that he loves being a killer doll and Tiffany says she is going to leave him. The police finally arrive to find Jennifer tied to a bed, the limo driver dead and two new born babies (both a boy and girl). Jennifer Tilly was taken to a local hospital as her attorney tries to tell her to rest and think of her new babies giving her pictures of them and left, hoping that she would not repeat the ridiculous story she had told him. After him leaving, Tiffany uses a drug on Jennifer Tilly making her disoriented to cast the voodoo magic to have her soul into Jennifer Tilly's body. Chucky then showed up bursting through the doors and putting an axe through Tiffany's head. Unknowingly it was to late that Tiffany's soul was in Jennifer Tilly's body. However young Glen seeing this and did not know himself went kung fu on Chucky, taking the axe and chopping off his arms, legs then finally his head. Next scene is where you see where Tiffany did get her wish, she was Jennifer Tilly, Glen and Glenda souls went into the babies bodies and they were a family. They were celebrating their birthday. Glen was a sweetheart but Glenda inherited the family serial killer gene. We know Chucky was not gone because the last scene you see is where Glen opened a present from an unknown person which had Chucky's arm in the box..


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