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    Chuckles is a member of the G. I. Joe team and one of the few men or women that can make the name "Chuckles" menacing.

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    The Marvel Comics origin for Chuckles is based off of the Hasbro toy character. Chuckles' real name is Philip M. Provost and was born in Little Rock, Arkansas. His military specialties include criminal investigations and intelligence and has the rank of E-5 sergeant. Chuckles began his investigation work by working for Southeastern Insurance Group. He then began working for the US Army Criminal Investigation Unit and eventually worked his way onto G.I. Joe's radar and was then recruited.

    The Devil's Due and IDW versions of Chuckles have not been provided with an alternate origin story and thus it can be assumed his origin story has remained the same.


    Chuckles was originally created for the Hasbro G.I. Joe toy line in 1987. His origin story and first comic appearances were developed and written by Larry Hama.

    Character Evolution

    Marvel Comics

    In the Marvel publication of G.I. Joe, Chuckles was a much liked character which made him quite successful as a undercover operative. He was perceived as a burly individual who would often take on missions no one else was willing to sign on for. He was designed always wearing a trade mark Hawaiian shirt that would carry on in the Devil's Due and IDW publications.

    Image/Devil's Due

    Chuckles character was continued in the Image and Devil's Due G.I. Joe volumes. He was also a part of the second Civil War on Cobra Island, when Serpentor's Coil attempted a takeover. He was killed by Serpentor's general Overlord in an attempt to rescue Duke. This is the first time that Chuckles was killed in a comic series.

    IDW Publishing

    After the Image/Devil's Due publications of G.I. Joe were not considered canon, IDW utilized Chuckles in their Cobra Commander assassination story-line. He was written much differently however. Although he remained G.I. Joe's undercover agent, he was now portrayed as stubborn and sarcastic and would go to any lengths to complete his mission. For example, he kills his close contact Jinx in order to maintain his cover. Chuckles is also perceived as a charmer, having relationships with Jinx and Erika Le Tene at the same time. He is even quoted as saying his weakness is women. Chuckles has since been killed in the assassination of Cobra Commander story line, when he blows up Cobra Island with a nuclear warhead. This is the second time Chuckles has been killed off in a comic series.

    Major Story Arcs

    Despite being involved in many G.I. Joe issues, the most important story arc he has been a part of is IDW's G.I. Joe:Cobra volumes 1 and 2. He works his way through the terrorist underworld and gets into Cobra through their Extensive Enterprises branch, run by Tomax and Xamot. He ends up working closely with Cobra Commander and is able to assassinate him, sparking the Cobra Civil War story line and the appointment of a new Cobra Commander (Krake).

    Other Media


    Chuckles appeared in the animated film G.I. Joe: The Movie by Sunbow. He was a part of the new G.I. Joe recruits known as The Rawhides (Lt. Falcon, Jinx, Tunnel Rat, Big Lob, Law, and himself) who were trained by Beachhead. He was shown to have great physical strength in the film but had no talking lines and may have been mute.


    1987 Chuckles Hasbro action figure.
    1987 Chuckles Hasbro action figure.

    As mentioned previously, Chuckles was a part of the G.I. Joe toy line by Hasbro and was released in 1987. He was later re-released in 2007 has a part of Hasbro's 25th anniversary G.I. Joe toy line.


    Chuckles was a character in many of the G.I. Joe novels. He appeared in the novels Divide and Conquer, Jungle Raid, and The Sultan's Secret.


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