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Chuck White is a well regarded, studious and athletic teenager who lives in Steeltown with his parents. There he is a noted local baseball player and, after proving that a local sighting of a flying saucer was really an experimental hang-glider, a cub reporter for the local paper.

Chuck’s biggest challenge in life is his coming from a “mixed” family with one of his parents being Catholic, and one being Protestant. Chuck is helped though all this by his friends and his local priest.

Of all the Chuck Whites in comics he was the Chuck Whitest.     
Chuck White, later Chuck White & his Friends is a series that appeared in almost every issue of Treasure Chest: Fun & Facts, a comic published by the Catholic Church as an answer to mainstream comics starting in 1946 and running until 1972.

Going for from 6 to 12 pages in each bi-weekly issue (except when on hiatus during the summer) the more than 400 stories featuring Chuck White are unrelentingly dull stuff, and frankly Chuck comes off as a bit of a smug know-it-all in quite few of them as he explains things to everyone in earshot.

Still you have to give him props for being one of the longest lived, little known comic characters in the history of the media.

That has to count for something.    


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