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    Chuck Norris is an American martial artist champion, a Hollywood star, and he trained with Bruce Lee.

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    Real Life

    Origin/Early Life

    Chuck Norris was born on March 10, 1940; his birth place was Ryan, Oklahoma. His parents were, Wilma Scarberry (the mother) and Carlos Ray Norris (the father) who had several jobs which are bus driver/truck driver, and mechanic. Chuck's grandfather and grandmother were both from Ireland. Also Chuck's other grandparents were Native Americans, so in other words, Chuck Norris is half Irish and half Native American. Chuck's birth name was Carlos Ray Norris , before he changed it to Chuck Norris (a nick name that was given to him during his service in the Korean War) Chuck wasn't the only child though, he has two younger brothers, Weiland who now passed away (died heroically warning his troops of an enemy ambush) and Aaron who is a Hollywood director. Chuck learned the martial arts while stationed as an MP in South Korea . Chuck Norris is the only westerner to earn the 8th degree grand master black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do.

    Chuck Norris was recently made an honorary Texas Ranger by the governor of Texas. Chuck has four children Dakota, Danilee, Kelly and Tim. He is married to Gena Norris.

    Before acting Chuck ran Karate schools and has had some very high profile students including Michael Landon, (Little House Of the Prairie) the Osmonds, Bob Barker, and Steve McQueen. Chuck has starred in such films as, Delta Force, Delta Force 2, The Missing in Action Trilogy, Lone Wolf McQuade, Code of Silence and many other police movies. But his most famous role was that of Walker Texas Ranger, which is the main reason he was made an honorary Texas Ranger. The show lasted 8 seasons and CBS wanted it to end with 10, however do to the birth of twins Dakota, and Danilee he could not do it.


    Many myth have spawned about the abilities of Chuck Norris. If he was a super powered actual superhero, than he would be quite powerful.

    Powers and Abilities

    The Chuck Norris myths revolve around him having incredible power and abilities.

    Strength: Many of the myths are based on incredible strength. Like when he does push-ups, he's actually pushing the Earth down. Or how he can squeeze coal into diamond with his bare hands. That kind of strength is beyond almost any fictional character.

    Speed: Chuck Norris also has some speed based myths. One such myth, likely the most popular speed based Chuck Norris myth, is that he can run around the world and punch himself in the back of the head. That is speed so great it literally defies physics in not just physics defying speed, but also defies physics in many other ways as well, although still purely based on speed.

    Roundhouse Kick: Chuck Norris is said to possess incredibly powerful roundhouse kicks. Some of his roundhouse based myths are as follows:

    • Chuck Norris's roundhouse kicks can make a man do 6 backflips from the sheer force.
    • Chuck Norris can roundhouse kick you yesterday.
    • Chuck Norris needs invincible pants so they don't explode off his body from the sheer force of his roundhouse kicks. These are called Chuck Norris Action Jeans.
    • Scientists have estimated that the force of the big bang is equal to one CNRK of force... one Chuck Norris roundhouse kick.

    Other Myths: Chuck Norris is also said to have not a chin beneath his beard, but just another fist. It is said that inside of Chuck Norris is a smaller but tougher Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris is said to be able to automatically have unlimited ammo with any gun he uses. Chuck Norris can transform into any animal he wishes, but he does this very rarely because the most dangerous animal is Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris once threw a grenade and killed 50 people. Then the grenade exploded. Chuck Norris was once bit by a king cobra and after 5 days of pain and agony, the cobra finally died.

    This is only a small fraction of the myths based around Chuck Norris having superhuman abilities.


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