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 Chuck Messinger was born in Snoqualmie, Washington and has remained in the Pacific Northwest a majority of his life.  He currently resides in Wilkeson, Washington and is the owner of Comic Evolution and Creators Edge Press in Puyallup, Washingon.  Reading comics has always been a love and he started a publishing company so that he and other like minded individuals could become creators and generate their ideas for the masses.  Chuck's first book is Breakfast With Rob  and was first distributed durring Emerald City Comic Con in 2010.  A fan of more than just the super-heroes in tights, he chooses to go another route more into the horror and sci-fi genre's.

Chuck's Major Influences:
Warren Ellis, Don Chin, Alan Moore, Mike Mignola, Yngwie J Malmsteen, Peter Bagge, R Crumb, Gilbert Shelton, Patrick McManus, Daniel Pinkwater, Neil Gaiman, Michael Romkey, Leonardo DaVinci, Les Claypool, Bill Willingham, Matt Groening, Serj Tankian,  HP Lovecraft, Shel Silverstein, Lionel Richie, Homer, Benjamin Franklin
Chuck's Favorite Comics:  

Current Favorite Reads: Hack Slash, Fear Agent, Chew, Gravel, Northlanders, Proof, Cowboy Ninja Viking 

Favorite All-time Books: Adolescent Radioactive Blackbelt Hamsters, Freak Brothers, Alpha Flight, Promethea, Hate, Hellboy, Rom Space Knight, Micronauts, Zot, Astro City, Doom Patrol, and he was born and raised with the X-Men    


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