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    Chuck is the hapless ex-boyfriend of Francine Peter's after she breaks up with him for Freddie. During their time together they took a trip to an island retreat, Francine wore a string bikini and Chuck took photographs of her too. 
    When Freddie rediscovers his longing for Francine he asks Chuck for the Bikini and photographs saying that Francine asked him to come collect them for her. 
    When it she bumps into Chuck he lets slip about the incident and Francine is livid. She demands the photos and bikini returned. Freddie returns the photographs but claims he lost the bikini. 
    A later girlfriend is very odd around him and flashes her boobs at Freddie and is very disinterested in participating in sex with him even though he enjoys it and shes not unwilling. She ends up being Francine's boss at a new job she gets and mysteriously gets moved to a new city over night. He finds a gun in her bag and asks her about it and when he finally puts his foot down she gives him the park girls nose hold and walks out. 
    Later he sees her on the arm of a senator running for president and informs the authorities. 
    He and Freddie form a business partnership and also inadvertently alert Tambi's hunter, Cherry Hammer, to a threat against Katchoo when a client of theirs has number of people with direct connection to Fran and Katchoo.. too many to be coincidence.


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