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    Immensely powerful bird-like creature, worshipped by the Fall People, awoken from millennia of sleep by global warming, fought the Hulk, arrived in the Savage Land where Spider-Man and Ka-Zar were fighting Stegron and Roxxon Oil.

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    Many centuries ago the ancestors of the Savage Land tribe, or better known as the Fall People, attempted to escape the Savage Lands. While they were in the frozen Antarctic right outside their jungle, they got attacked by Chtylok. He drove them back to the jungle; however some went back in pieces. While back in the jungle the Fall People thought of this as a sign from the gods that they shouldn’t leave the jungle and even began to worship Chtylok. They began to leave him offerings of fatted ram and such every new moon. This was all because they believed that one day a terrible disaster would come over the valley and the great Chtylok would come out of the earth to save them from disaster.

    Later on into the future, in present day, the damage to the ozone layer above the Savage Land started to melt the glaciers, which threatened to flood the entire region below. The water trickling below into the subterranean caverns, however, awaken the Chtylok who had been sleeping for an entire millennium. He had found himself on the bottom of Monster IsLand. He burst out and came to the surface driving off some of the other monsters in the area. Some of which went to the Florida Keys where Hulk decided to make his new home. This drew the attention of Hulk as he went to Monster IsLand to investigate what was going on. Only to get tackled by what he called a giant chicken cow or better known as Chtylok. The two power houses both fell back into the caverns of Monster IsLand and began their several day long fight which moved some great distance through the subterranean; eventually bringing the two to Savage IsLand.

    Meanwhile, Peter had been sent on a trip to the Savage IsLand to cover S.H.I.E.L.D. (or better known as Strategic Hazards Intervention Logistics Directorate) in hope of saving it. Soon Spider-Man joined forces with Ka-Zar and Shanna, but was told later on by the Fall people that they were not needed by Malthala. He told them that Chtylok would save them. Regardless, the heroes investigated further into the Roxxon Oil Company who was claiming that they were only setting up relay stations at the time. In truth, they were setting up drills in the Savage Land for all its rich oil deposits resulting from numerous dinosaur fossils. Roxxon was using microwaves to hasten the melting so that it would submerge the Savage Land, nullifying all laws protecting the resources. However S.H.I.E.L.D. was totally unaware of this and believed that they were working with Roxxon to preserve the Savage Land.

    The melting, however, also freed Stegron the Dinosaur Man; who had been frozen in the ice. As soon as Stegron got free he gathered an army of dinosaurs to slay all humans. Basically Spiderman, Ka-zar, Shanna, S.H.I.E.L.D., Roxxon and pretty much anyone or anything else in the area that he thought was trying to destroy his home. Meanwhile, Hulk and Chtylok burst out of the ground and into the middle of the other fight that was just happening. Hulk had finally gained the upper hand and smashed Chtylok to the ground. Then Spiderman told Stegron of a game they played called pile up, and Stegron then told a bunch of Tyrannosaurus Rex to pile up on top of Chtylok. Meanwhile, Ka-Zar told the truth to the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and they all joined forces with Hulk, Shanna, Spiderman, and Stegron to destroy Roxxon’s microwave drilling stations.

    Afterwards, Dr. Gerald Roth, the head of the Savage Land drilling plot was left by his superiors. He would then proceed in activating the bombs in all of S.H.I.E.L.D.S. dams in an attempt to kill them all. Luckily though, Spiderman already had a plan and as the water came down it would be sucked into an immense subterranean crater carved by the battle of Chtylok and Hulk.

    Meanwhile Roth had escaped into the jungle trying to escape but was caught by Chtylok.


    Chtylok was extremely strong. He was at class 100 and on par with Hulk and could also keep up a fight with him for several days at a time non-stop. He was 25 feet in length and weighed a good 8 tons. He had sharp talons and rock hard hooves. He had a semi-prehensile tail that had spikes on the end that could be used as a weapon, either to stab or simply strike. He was also durable, not showing too much damage from taking hits from Hulk for days as well as getting piled up on by a bunch of Tyrannosaurus Rexe.
    Intelligence: Slow/Impaired

    Strength: Incalculable: In excess of 100 tons

    Speed: Superhuman: peak range: 700 MPH

    Durability: Superhuman

    Energy Projection: None

    Fighting Skills: Normal


    First the Savage Land people said how their valley would have a disaster and would end. A Millennium later it nearly does. They said Chtylok would save the Savage Lands from such a thing, and he really did. Chtylok’s battle with Hulk created what saved the Savage Land from complete devastation.


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