Character » Chrysalis appears in 6 issues.

    Chrysalis is a robot whose body houses a swarm of dangerous butterflies.

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    Height: 5'6"

    Weight: 140lbs

    Eyes: White

    Hair: Brown


    Chrysalis is a robot that was designed and manufactured by a man called Gerard Yves Martet in France. Gerard Yves Martet was a prejudiced Anti-Semite who blamed immigrants for the corruption of his country. He designed Chrysalis to appear friendly and kind, to be duplicitous, but actually houses a swarm of genetically altered butterflies that carry a lethal pathogen. Martet would have Chrysalis enter regions of France that would have a large amount of immigrants so that Chrysalis could release her deadly insects.

    Gerard manipulated his way for Chrysalis to become a member of the Global Guardians, but died soon after she was inducted. Chrysalis, even though a member of the Global Guardians, continues to work under its evil programming.


    Chrysalis is a robot that houses a swarm of deadly butterflies that can mimic other insects and carry a deadly disease. The robot form can fly, carries bee stingers and venom, can stick to walls, habituate under water and spin a web to trap foes.


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