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Christos N. Gage was born in New York, grew up in Athens (Greece) and North Grafton (Massachusetts), where he currently lives with his wife and two cats.

He sold his first screenplay in 1997 and got into comics in 2004.

Stuff he did over the years:


Deadshot: 5-issue miniseries from DC Comics

Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #201-203: “Cold Case”

Union Jack: 4-issue Marvel Comics miniseries, Sep.-Dec. 2006

Stormwatch: PHD: Ongoing series from Wildstorm/DC Comics

Paradox: 3-issue creator-owned miniseries from Arcana Studios.  

Avenger: the Initiative: 8-35 written by himself

Avengers Academy: Marvel on-going, currently writing it 

Spider-man/Fantastic Four: Marvel miniseries 1-4
Spider-man/X-men: Marvel miniseries 1-4


Law & Order: SVU



The Breed

Teenage Caveman

Greece: Secrets of the Past


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