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    Christopher Sequiera writer, editor and publisher has been a mainstay in the Australian comic book industry since the 1980’s and has published extensively in his homeland and the USA.

    His early work included the vampire series Pulse of Darkness, drawn by co-creator Kurt Stone, and later collected into graphic novel form. Other shorter works were Ratttlebone, the skull-faced detective, drawn Des Waterman and later Kurt Stone, The Deathsman drawn by Kurt Stone and Neil Walpole respectively and Johnny Flathead co-created with Johnathan Sequiera, art was by Sequiera brothers and Gavin O’keefe.

    In 1994 Sequiera co-created the strip Mister Blood with artist J. Scherpenhuizen for Bloodsongs magazine. The self-contained Mister Blood stories appeared in most issues in instalments of 2-7 pages.

    In 2000 Sequiera launched Sequence Productions which reprinted the shorter works as one the shots, Johnny Flathead, Rattlebone, Mr Blood (including some unpublished work) and Bold Action which contained Mr Blood, the Deathsman and other material. The only all new comic in the range was The Borderlander, co-created and written with Bloodsongs editor Steve Proposch, and drawn by artist/co-creator W. Chew Chan.

    The Glowing Man/Lyrebird was another Sequence one-shot featuring the aforementioned heroes created with artists J. Scherpenhuizen and W.Chew Chan respectively.

    After much effort, eventually Sequiera managed to get work from a number of publishers in the USA. Among his published work are Iron Man and Dazzler stories for Marvel and issues of Justice League Adventures for DC. He also worked on Boom Studio’s Cthulhu Tales and Justice Inc: the Avenger for Dynamite which he co-wrote with Mark Waid in 2015.

    Sequiera’s comic book series, Sherlock Holmes Dark detective, was published by Black House Comics starting in 2008. The book was co-created by Philip Cornel who drew most of the stories.

    In 2012 his character the Catamorph, co-created with J. Scherpenhuizen appeared in Terra Magazine published by Black House Comics.


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