Christine St. Clair

    Character » Christine St. Clair appears in 19 issues.

    A Swiss Interpol agent who partnered with Manhunter.

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    Manhunter and the Council

    Daughter of a wealthy and influential Swiss banker, Christine St. Claire worked as a detective for Interpol. While investigating the mysterious reemergence of Paul Kirk, the man known as Manhunter, Christine began to uncover evidence of a wide spread conspiracy involving political assassinations, kidnappings, look-alike agents, and a cabal with incredible reach. St. Claire pursued Manhunter to Marakech, where she found him wounded fighting off an army of his own clones. Kirk explained that she was witnessing the machinations of the Council, a scientific enclave with incredible resources bent on world domination.

    St. Claire allies herself with Manhunter, only to discover that Damon Nostrand, her boss at Interpol, is a Council operative using her investigation to locate Paul Kirk and terminate him. Nostrand died during a confrontation with Manhunter that lead to St. Claire and Kirk becoming fugitives. In an attempt to gather information that would bring down the Council, Christine discovered that her father was also a Council agent. Together with Batman and the ninja master Asano Nitobe, St. Claire and Manhunter stormed the headquarters of the Council. During the siege, Manhunter sacrificed his life to destroy the Council's power base.

    With Kirk dead and the Council mostly defeated, St. Claire wrote a book titled "The Mask of the Manhunter" detailing the story of Paul Kirk and the Council's activities. In subsequent years, St. Claire and Asano pursued and eliminated other Kirk clones until they encountered Kirk DePaul, the Manhunter of Power Company. They decide to keep him alive but are skeptical and continue to keep him under observation


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