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    Character » Christian Frost appears in 157 issues.

    Christian Frost is the only Male heir to the Frost fortune, he is also the only sibling that Emma Frost could truly confide in.

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    Christian was born into the very wealthy Frost family of Boston Massachusetts, He is the oldest of the Frost children and the only non-mutant. During his adolescence, much like his sisters, he attended the Massachusetts Academy.


    Christian Frost first appeared in New X-Men #139, created by Grant Morrison and Phil Jimenez in 2003.

    Character Evolution

    During Christian's first appearance he is just shown in Jean Grey's invasion of Emma Frost's mind, it is during this invasion that we discover that he, along with Adrienne and Cordelia, were passed over for control of the family business as they didn't live up Winston Frost's expectations for various reasons. It is also revealed that he was a drug addict and was eventually driven insane by his addiction.

    Later Christian had a character redesign during the Emma Frost solo series which kept most of the character that was presented in New X-Men #139 but he was expanded upon delving more into his character and his relationships.

    Major Story Arc's

    During the Higher Learning arc it is revealed that he and Emma were the only frost siblings to have a healthy relationship and they truly trusted one another. During this arc it is revealed that Christian is a homosexual and he is outed by his sister Adrienne, and as a result of this, he becomes secluded and begins to take drugs which lead him to attempt suicide. At that moment, it is Emma that comes to his rescue, as she has a telepathic link with him and was able to sense what was happening. Some time after this Emma asks her father to help Christian, which he does in a typical underhanded Frost way, and institutionalizes him, it is unknown what has happened to him since this.

    Powers & Abilities

    Astral Energy Manipulation

    It was recently revealed Christian does have mutant abilities. The extent of which is unknown but it revolves around psychokinetic force manipulation, being able to pull on and materialize energy from the astral plane and project it as destructive material energy psychic blasts. Ones that cause both physical and mental damage upon targets. He can also use them for more complex appellation, such as psionic energy constructs. Having fabricated an astral entity shaped and styled after his late father, he could even make it look more tangible; more realistic than simple orange colored psychic force. Said creation was convincing enough that it fooled a potent telepath like Emma Frost easily enough.

    Personal information

    Known Relatives

    : Winston Frost, father (deceased), Hazel Frost, mother (deceased), Cordelia Frost (sister), Adrienne Frost, (sister, deceased), Emma Frost (Sister), Celeste Cuckoo, Phoebe Cuckoo, Mindee Cuckoo, Esme Cuckoo(deceased), Sophie Cuckoo (deceased)

    Citizenship: United States

    Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts

    Occupation: Multi-Millionaire, Heire

    Height: 5'10"

    Weight: 155 lbs

    Eyes: Blue

    Hair: Blonde


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