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    The boyfriend of Tyreese's daughter, Julie.

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    Chris was staying with Tyreese and Julie due to family problems when the zombie apocalypse started. The trio took to the road once they ran out of food.


    Written by Robert Kirkman and drawn by Charlie Adlard.

    Character Evolution

    Chris always tried to make himself out to be something other than a stupid teenager. He talked big and wished the others would take him seriously. In the end, he showed that he wasn't capable of being an adult by making one of the most selfish decisions, costing him his life.

    Major Story Arcs

    Once Tyreese runs out of food, he takes Julie and Chris on the road to scavenge. They spend a few miserable weeks trying to survive until they spot Dale's RV headlights one night. They approach and Rick welcomes them into his group. Being a teenager, Chris does very little. When the group reaches the Wiltshire Estates, he bunks with Julie and her dad, who has chosen Carol as his lady.

    Wiltshire Estates

    After their first night, the group begins to look through the houses to find if the housing community is safe. Julie feigns fear to keep her and Chris in the already safe house as babysitters with Andrea, though they ditch the kids to go fool around upstairs as soon as the adults leave. Their fun is very short-lived, however, when zombies attack almost immediately. Rick and Tyreese go to evacuate their group and Tyreese finds the two trying to get it on. The trio has to climb out a window and onto the top of the RV to escape. Understandably, they lay low for a while.

    Hershel's Farm

    When the group settles in with Hershel's family, Tyreese finally gets some time to confront Chris and Julie. He doesn't care what they do, they should just think of the consequences. Chris is bothered. He expresses his desire to be with Julie for eternity. She agrees; she just wants the time to be right. To get to that "time," Chris and Julie begin shooting practice with the rest of the group. When Julie is chided for taking the practice too lightly, Chris steps up and defends her. Later, Chris approaches Tyreese and explains that Rick never took their guns back. Tyreese tells the two to keep their guns and to be careful with them. Chris and Julie realize their plans will go much easier now with guns. Their plans seem to be straying from just having sex to something a bit deeper.

    The Prison

    When Hershel kicks the group off his farm, Rick leads them through the countryside in Dale's RV. They stumble upon a prison and plan to make it their home. As Rick, Tyreese, and Andrea clear out the main yard, the others do a perimeter sweep and leave Chris and Julie to babysit. Chris simply whines that he should be out helping with the zombie killing. He has no qualms about swearing in front of the kids. Carl calls him on it.

    Big Mistake
    Big Mistake

    After the prison is cleared out and bunks are assigned, Chris sneaks off with Julie as everyone else falls asleep. The two finally have sex. In the afterglow, Chris asks if Julie is ready. She is. A shot is fired and Tyreese and Rick barge in and find Julie dead and Chris very badly shaken. He explains that they were going to kill each other and be together forever - he just pulled the trigger too fast. Tyreese then tries to communicate with a reanimated, zombie Julie. Chris ends the attempt by shooting Julie again. Tyreese goes nuts and strangles Chris to death. Rick leaves as Tyreese tortures zombie Chris into the morning hours. Tyreese then burns both bodies before anyone wakes up.


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