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    Friend of Cassie Hack and in a relationship with Lisa.

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    Chris and Lisa created Hack/Slash Inc, a website for survivors of Slasher's attacks. Chris is good at computers and comes of Asian descent. Chris first appeared in the Land of Lost Toys #1. His best friend was Jason Michaels, whom both were unemployed. They both lived in Mt. Healthy, Ohio, the hometown of Ashley Guthrie. Jason still lived with his parents, Chris lived in the laundry room. Chris was normally seen in his boxers his hair incredibley spikey and messy, and was hinted to be very lazy. His friend Jason, collected toys and was mostly online chatting to people, one of which was Lisa Elsten. Jason also had a website in which he was using to meet survivors of slasher attacks. When the child murders occured, Jason asked Lisa to contact Cassie for help. When they arrived Jason told Cassie and Vlad the story of Ashley Guthrie, and his hypothesis that it was his father Evan who was doing the killing. Chris, laughed at the idea thinking it was insane idea of a "sleep-slasher".

    However, during her last encounter with Evil Ernie, Cassie wasn't disclosing the idea. While they wanted to help, they couldn't do much since it was in dreams and they could only fight physical killers. Cassie left reminded Jason, that Chris still lived in their laundry room and not to let his comments bother him. While Jason was a bit happy to have someone believe him, Chris was just more interest in Cassie. Unknowing to both, this would probably be his last night with his best friend.

    As Jason slept, he soon found himself face to face with Ashely Guthrie in the dreamworld. And was killed by Ashely for playing with his toys. Chris rushed from his room after hearing him scream. Jason died in his arms, telling him that it was Ashley Guthrie. After the police took Jason's body and he cried loudly with Jason's mother, Chris told them what Jason had said.

    While Cassie went off to investigate more on Ashley, she left Vlad to watch out for Chris. Chris was not happy with having him follow him, but he gave in. Hoping to get his mind off his best friend's murder, Chris asked Vlad to tell his story and history to him. Later on, Chris would get to meet Lisa in person, mainly because she brought anesthesia so Cassie could enter the dreamworld to fight Ashley. Leaving Chris, Lisa, and Vlad unable to help and just watch. Vlad was losing his temper since he couldn't really protect her, and left for air. As they watched his, Chris pointed out it was probably killing Vlad since she's all he's got.

    As they continued to wait, he and Lisa reminsced on Jason. During their talked, Chris boldly asked Lisa if she was single. But her answer would have to wait as it appeared Cassie was losing her fight with Ashley. However, Cassie would soon get the upper hand over Ashley and pulled him into her nightmares where he was killed by her mother. After the fight was over, Cassie and Vlad soon left the two, to which Lisa flirtously asked Chris to take her out for breakfast.

    Chris would make another appearance in Hack/Slash vs. Chucky, he along with Lisa and Skottie Young were abducted by Laura Lochs. She most likely got them through assistance of vodoo zombies she had taken control of, but she'd approach them not as herself. She had switched bodies with Vlad and was taking full advantage of his strength. While Chris attempted to break free, he was no match for Vlad's strength as Laura quickly found him and subdued him. To have fun with them, she put her hostages in her own hellhouse putting Lisa in for sin of abortion; Skottie in the set for homosexuality (even though he wasn't gay); and put Chris in the set for denial of Christ.

    Vlad (in Laura's body) with the help of Chucky, who Chris had seen in Jason's files, were able to save them from being tortured. While Skottie had a few whip lashes, Lisa would be able to treat them. After a long battle with Laura, Cassie and Chucky were able to get Vlad back into his own body. And Laura was left to be eaten by her carnvorous zombies, Chucky still got away. Cassie left the group, dead set on killing Chucky, despite her many injuries. When she apparently won, she returned to the hotel to have Lisa treat her wounds. While Chris, Skottie, and Vlad all play a game outside the bathroom, to which Chris lost to the two.

    After which Chris and Lisa made a few minor appearances during the series. He moved in with Lisa, mostly after being shaken up by the incident with Chucky. In some ways, it brought the two closer and they quickly became lovers. Something her ex-boyfriend Kyle, was not very pleased with and would often be seen harassing the couple. With that aside, Chris and Lisa did become helpful for Cassie during her travels. Mostly with providing online info and anything in the news that sounded suspicous. Sometime, Chris decided to continue Jason's website, however it would be called Hack/Slash Inc.

    The site was for survivors and most likely a link to be connected for those whom Cassie had saved. However, Cassie wasn't too thrilled at the idea. While not much is entirel showed with them, she and Chris seem to have an almost brother-sister relationship as they both tend to goof off and yell at each other. Chris and Cassie would soon do a new favor for Cassie by going in search for Pooch in Hack/Slash: The Series # 11 The Coldest Dish. The hellhound who had been sent to kill Cassie for killing his previous master. Surprisingly, though mostly due to the cold, Pooch would soon approach Chris and ask to stay with him and Lisa.

    Pooch has brought some adjustment for the couple, as most of the dogs in her kennel don't tend to like him. And Pooch also has a tendency to spy on the young couple during private moments, which annoy them. Among that, Lisa and Chris soon fight over his lack of employment and apparently inability to grow up and get a job. However, the couple eventually reconcile and admit they do truely love one another. Chris and Lisa would later on provide some strange news to Cassie in Hack/Slash: The Series #14 , when they discovered someone had dug up the Lunch Lady's body. After fighting the Lunch Lady again and losing both her parents, Cassie's left completely stunned.

    While they worried for Cassie, they wouldn't have time to worry as Kuma, dragging a one-armed Kyle, and would attack the couple. Kuma came for two purposes, to retrieve Pooch and demanded they tell her the location of Cassie Hack. Pooch, who had grown to love and care for Chris and Lisa as his new masters, decided to stand up against Kuma. During the struggle, Kuma leaves Kyle and chases after Pooch.

    As soon as they had left, Lisa and Chris desperately tried to save Kyle and reattach his arm. The struggle between Pooch and Kuma, almost killed him due to the cold weather. But Kuma would win and drag him back to Lisa and Chris's home, demanding that Lisa repair her tusk. In a final act to protect Lisa, Kyle fights off with Kuma. With no real other options, Kyle is able to lead Kuma into the gas chamber and shouts at a frighten Chris to start the gas chamber.

    Although Chris didn't want to get Kyle killed in the process, both men knew there was no other options if they wanted Kuma defeated. Knowing, no one would believe them, Lisa and Chris reluctantly and sadly buried Kyle's body and Kuma's. While they both sadden by Kyle's loss, they had regain new love and respect for Pooch. Chris would later be seen celebrating Christmas with Vlad, Gertude Hall, and Georgia. Chris would soon get a big shock of his life when Lisa would soon tell him that she's pregnant with his child.

    While Lisa is overjoyed by the news, Chris is less enthusiastic of it and hasn't been exactly showing his support. This has brought some friction between the two of them, especially since Chris doesn't seem to wish to grow up and is often seen drinking. Lisa is also not too happy that he's spending much time with Maggie Reilly, the new sheriff. While Chris believes she's just trying to be a friend, little does he know that Maggie is most likely trying to get his guard down. As it would later be revealed that Maggie, was really a member of the Black Lamp Society and had been sent to observe Cassie Hack and those around her.

    But that would have to wait as he soon comes home to find that the house has been broken in and that Lisa had been attacked. While Lisa tells the police she was attacked from behind in the kitchen, the moment they leave she tells Chris the truth. The burglar was in the basement and knew what he wanted, Chris's files on Cassie Hack.

    Eventually, whether out of doubt or his time with Maggie, its shown that the two have an attraction to one another. When Maggie began feeling guilt over killing a woman, she states she wants to get away, away from them (the Society). She then asks him to come with her and the two kiss. But the kiss doesn't lead anywhere, as the two are interrupted by Cat Curio. She had been running from, a resurrected Bobby Brunswick, who had sent his undead animals to attack the town. Chris realized by Cat's description that Bobby had returned and contacted Cassie and Vlad as soon as he could

    Maggie soon left their side, to consult with her members, and to act as the "sheriff". While Chris and Cat were force to fight their way through undead animals to get to Lisa, before Bobby did. The way would be tougher as they would have to save Ava/Venus and get help from Pooch to go through the hordes of dead animals. Luck, was on his side, as Samhain came just in time to save Lisa from Bobby. Chris ultimately shows his love and devotion to Lisa, during this battle against Bobby and the animals, risking his own life. After Ava, finishes off Bobby, Chris immediately rushes to Lisa's side.

    This may have been a final straw for Cassie, seeing her two closest friends in so much danger. She quietly came to visit Lisa and him, while he was in the hospital for his injuries. She quietly stated that it needed to be just "her and Vlad", hoping to keep the couple out of harm's way. Although, she has stated for her friends to leave her, Chris can not entirely abandoned Cassie. When he hears that Cat is going on her own travels (and most likely go alongside Cassie and Vlad), he tells Pooch to go along with Cat. Though its to protect Cat, he realizes how many friends are leaving and quickly asks Pooch for a hug.

    Chris was completely distraught over losing Maggie, during the fight. He stayed all through the night and soon discovered Maggie's connections to the Black Lamp Society. He became infuriated as they made her death feel like it had been for them. He angrily states that Maggie died, protecting Ava, because she couldn't be one of them. He stormed and left.

    Recently, Chris and Lisa are now proud parents of Sandra.


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