Chris KL-99

    Character » Chris KL-99 appears in 18 issues.

    An accomplished athlete, Chris KL-99 is also a noted astronaut, astronomer and scientist. He is famed for his quick, analytical mind.

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    The first baby to be born in interplanetary space, Chris was named by his space explorer father after Christopher Colombus, Earth's most famous explorer. When his parents were lost in space, Chris joined the Space Academy in the hope that he might learn enough to one day find them. Finishing his courses at the Academy with a 99% perfect rating, Chris found that the 99 had been added to his KL surname classification as an award of merit.

    Taking off in an interplanetary explorer craft he dubbed "The Pioneer," accompanied by his two constant companions, the Martian adventurer Halk and the Venusian scientist Jero, Chris KL-99 began his life-long mission of discovering, exploring and mapping new worlds as he searched the stars until he found the graves of his missing parents.

    Vowing to carry on their work, Chris KL-99 and his companions have discovered many inhabited planets.


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