Chris Kirkman

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    The bravest of the Bravest Warriors.

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    He and his childhood friends decided to follow their parents' footsteps to become the Bravest Warriors, after their parents get sucked into the See-Through Zone two year's before the start of the series.

    Powers and Abilities

    Bee-Summoning: His heat-activated sticker gives him a talking bee whenever he rubs it. This bee can be used to summon a controllable storm, or a honeycomb sword.

    Gloves: He uses these to fire bright white lasers and receive messages.

    Emotion Lord: Due to the fact that he will eventually be an Emotion Lord, there are several accounts in which his powers are growing. E.g., telekinesis, enhanced dancing skills, reading upside down, seeing into the future. Eventually he will be able to travel through time, shape shift, summon space chickens, and the like.

    X-Ray Vision (Temporarily): Chris temporarily gains the ability of x-ray vision, after a peach seed get's stuck in his forehead. He later loses this ability when he is kissed by plum.


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