Chris Griffin

    Character » Chris Griffin appears in 15 issues.

    Middle child of the Griffin Family.

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    Chris Griffin from Family Guy is a whiner. He is frightened by a Supposed " Evil Monkey" that lives in his closet although he and the monkey worked it out. He has a semi relationship with his father Peter Griffin. He has a wonderful relationship with his mother, Lois Griffin. His Dog, Brian Griffin is just an acquaintance. Stewie Griffin does'nt exactly like him him. Meg Griffin really doesn’t care.

    He has a boring yet whining voice. He is overweight and really isn’t that popular and non-educated. He always gets exited when around beautiful women, and has desires. He is a strange teenager. 
    Chris has been shown to be very dumb. He shows this quite often like the time when he was watching the Blob on TV and lunged at the TV to save the women in the movie. Although he does not seem intelligent the monkey says that he is very intelligent after listening to Chris talk in his sleep for quite some time. Thanks to Chris talking in his sleep the monkey who wrote Chris's book report which was titled "The Slave Allegory of Curious George.". So it is shown that while he is perceived as an idiot he is actually very intelligent. 
    Chris has had quite a bit of luck with girls in his life, most notably Connie Damico who was the most popular girl in school and Meg's archenemy. The two of them later broke up when Chris acted to cocky and cheated on her. Another one of his girlfriends was Anna who worked at the vet, they got along well until Chris took his dad's advice and acted like a jerk to her by demeaning her womanhood. The two later patched it up but it is unknown if they are still going out.


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