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03/21/18The Greatest Superhero of All Time(Blog) (Forum)Disclaimer
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TFlirtatious moments of innuendo.

With all the superhero news you need to know, here's Heroes Tonight! With your hosts Sawyer Picture, and Lotta Questionnés. With Chase Leeds in the field. And now, here's Sawyer Picture.

"Welcome to Heroes Tonight for February 18th, 2018, and you're watching HT in HD!" Sawyer declares with a gleaming smile. "I'm here with the lovely Lotta Questionnés," he adds, panning a hand to his left.

"Thanks, Sawyer," she acknowledges with a huge, equally gleaming smile.

Freebird: It's Playtime!

"And tonight's top stories," Sawyer jumps back in. "Medea Darling, aka Freebird, is back in the news, and not everyone is happy about it. Find out why some are tagging the Winged Woman's social media pictures as 'Spread Eagle.' Hint: It's Playtime!"

Nike: Victory!

"And speaking of wings, the high flying battle with the high powered lawyers has finally come to an end!" Lotta says in an enthusiastic accent as only a Latina can deliver. "Sports company Nike has won out over the goddess Nike! So how is she claiming Victory? Could it have anything to do with Victor Victorious? You bet it could! And only HT has the scoop!"

HT Extra!

Sawyer follows with, "The Major Corporation and The Super Corporation have been in an epic merchandising melee for years! And the profits all go to support their corporate sponsored super teams! But what are those numbers really like? And does it get in the way of the heroes' jobs? We'll take you behind the scenes in our exclusive HT Extra!"

Midas: Losing Your Touch?

"And finally," says Lotta, "the Solid Gold Boy Band is back! Midas releases their third album- Midas Well- from the lead singer's Touch of Gold Records label. But why are Midas the group and Midas the Golden Boy of Pop finding a slight tarnish to their reputation over 'Losing Your Touch'- the number one single from their first album?"

Who do you think is The Greatest Superhero of All Time?

"We'll have all of that on this edition of Heroes Tonight," beamed Sawyer. "But first, who do you think is The Greatest Superhero of All Time? That was the subject of last week's poll, and here to break down the answers for you are Chase Leeds and Lotta Questionnés. Lotta?"

Heroes Tonight Top Ten

Now standing on a different set next to a video screen, Lotta says, "Thanks, Sawyer. We asked the question, and you answered! We have tallied your votes for The Greatest Superhero of All Time, and tonight we're going to reveal your answers in our Heroes Tonight Top Ten! Plus, we even caught up with the heroes themselves at last night's annual S-Corp. Superhero Charity Gala to get them to answer the question too!" Lotta turns to the video screen, and the report on the Gala starts rolling.

#10: Cold Hard Cash

"Cooling it in the tenth spot," starts Lotta, "is the Chilliad rap group, Cold Hard Cash. The ice powered Rime and Floe, along with their DJ, Cold Steel, have been cool ever since they got started in the rap game, and that's even without their powers! It probably doesn't hurt that when they got started, Rime was the voice of cartoon rap star Too Nice, aka the ice powered hero Toon Ice. With a huge fan following, Toon Ice made sure that neither Rime nor CHC have ever suffered a chilly reception with fans."

Video now showing Lotta with the rap group, she asks, "Who do you think is the greatest superhero of all time?" before turning the microphone towards them.

Rime leans in to say, "Oh, without a doubt, it has to be the man that took Crayniac out!"

Floe leans against Rime's shoulder and says, "Mike Boom forever, baby! The only man I'd leave this one for! Whooo!"

"Hey!" laughs Rime.

"Doctor Boom for sure, yo," adds Cold Steel.

#9: Mother Lode

"At number nine," says Chase, "it's the daughter of pop star Midas and the Babe Magnet herself, Lodestar. Carrie Load, aka Load, Lode, California as one of the Statesmen, and Golden Dream- the Girl With the Golden Skin!" Her aliases flash beside her picture, each one stricken out in favor of the next one as Chase lists them. "Eventually shunning the limelight for a heavenly light, Miss Load joined a convent after several years as a superhero, and is now popularly known as Mother Lode or Motherlode, depending on where she's seen." Those names also flash onscreen. "She hurls the habit when her super self is needed, and always shows up to superhero charity functions. She's almost as much of a media darling as the Winged Woman herself! She'll definitely always be golden with us!"

In video for the Gala, Chase turns a microphone to Carrie, and asks, "Who do you think is the greatest superhero of all time? Jesus?" he jokes.

Not laughing at all, Carrie answers, "His powers are certainly documented, but he died for our sins; he was our savior, not a superhero."

Chase's smile falters momentarily.

"But to answer your main question," Carrie continues with a reassuring smile, "I think it's someone with very similar qualities. For the sacrifice he made- for the way he laid down his life for all of ours- I have to say Doctor Boom."

#8: Freebird

"God, I love her," says Lotta. "And speaking of the Winged Woman, Chase, at number eight, it's Medea Darling! She's been on a few different teams over the years- the latest being in service alongside Motherlode as the first Oregon! With the state motto of 'she flies with her own wings,' they'd have been a bunch of loony-birds not to name her as their representative in the Statesmen! Medea, aka Freebird, can't help but be in the spotlight when she sports a pair of natural white wings and knockout beauty that makes her look like an angel! And with an open-backed dress by Nick Etty to make room for her wings, she was certainly looking heavenly on the runway to the Superhero Charity Gala."

Standing beside Medea on the red carpet, Lotta gushes, "Medea, you are looking lovely as always, dah-ling! I love your dress!"

"Oh, thank you," Medea says cheerfully.

"Who do you think is the greatest superhero of all time?" asks Lotta before turning the mic to Freebird.

"I wish I could say Cupid," she pouts, "because he's so darned cute!" She wrinkles her nose at the camera and gives a quick, playful growl. "But I have to say Michael."

"Michael Boom?" Lotta clarifies.

"Yes, of course," coos Medea. "He's keeping us all safe, even now. Hard not to love that," she says, blowing a kiss to the camera as she walks away.

#7: Heavyweight

"At number seven," says Chase, "it's Heavyweight! Truly the Champion of the World, on the Day of the Dragon Men, it was Heavyweight whose one-man assault on the Accord mothership finally brought them down- paving the way for Doctor Boom's defeat of the crazed computer mind known as Crayniac who had allied itself with the alien attackers. Heavyweight has pretty much dedicated himself to the city of Detroit, which was lost when the Accord ship came down. He's been the self appointed watchdog for the strange, self-building metropolis of Motor City. Still, he took time to come out for the Gala."

From offscreen of the video, Chase asks, "Who do you think is the greatest superhero of all time?"

"That's not tough at all," answers Heavyweight. "Doctor Eight made a great sacrifice to give us final victory against the Accord. It may yet cost him his life. Who can be greater than that?" He smiles awkwardly as he walks away from the interview, continuing down the runway.

#6: Flambé

"Burning up the countdown in our next slot is a true hottie," declares Lotta. "He's loud and proud about being a gay superhero, wearing dayglow pink spandex with bright orange and yellow flames around his plunging V-neck shirt! After defeating the homophobic killer archer, Straight Arrow, he's the darling of both the Manhattan hero circuit, and the college club scene. Girls want to be with him, and men... want to be with him! Fire powered Flambé- the self-proclaimed Flaming Homosexual- is coming out in number six!"

"Who do you think is the greatest superhero of all time?" asks Lotta.

"I wish I could say Cupid, because he's just so darned cute!" Pausing for a second, he laughs, and says, "I'm kidding! I'm just kidding! I heard Medea say that! But seriously?" asks Flambé. "Call me," he mouths to the camera, then imitates Medea's nose wrinkle and growl, throwing in a quick cat-clawing motion. Laughing, he gets slightly more serious and says, "Who else? It has to be Doctor Boom! We're all pulling for you, Michael," he says to the camera, and blows a kiss as he walks away.

#5: American Beauty

"Big Medea fan, that one," chuckles Chase. "We're moving into the Major Leagues now with the Blonde Bombshell! American Beauty comes in at number five, or as she was once known, Superblonde. That's right, you know her from her infamous debut at the Richmond Rotunda, where her fight with Supermodel had tragic consequences! Indicted for her role in the fight, Kay Oz paid her debt to society in service with the Major League. After that, she joined The Sponsors, and has thrived on the Super Corporation's team of superheroes. No stranger to charity, she is perhaps better known for her Razing the Rhinodome charity grudge match with Supermodel."

Video showing her in her trademark red costume with matching red derby, Chase asks her, "Who do you think is the greatest superhero of all time?"

Kay's smile is a slight one, showing only at the corner of her mouth, and in the twinkle of her eye. "Well, it took awhile, but this chick is a close second," she says, fist-bumping Supermodel as she walks by on the runway.

Supermodel gives a silent, pretending-to-scream-in-excitement look as she waves to the camera on her way by.

"But the greatest? I have to tell you, I wasn't prepared for this life, and I'm in awe of all the great people I get to work with. Who stands out more right now though than Doctor Eight? I think he's the best among us," she says humbly, and continues down the runway.

#4: Cupid

Lotta comes in with, "From American Beauty to Greek Adonis, our number four- only number four?" she asks incredulously. "Our number four spot is held by the chiseled Archer of Love- Cupid! And mm-mm! How could he not make this list? I mean, just look at him! No way was I giving this interview to Chase," she says with a smile and a wink.

The video starts with Lotta putting a hand on the hero's firm bicep, and squeezing. "Cupid," says Lotta, "who do you think is the greatest superhero of all time?"

As Lotta rubs his arm a little, Cupid laughs lightly, and in a charming voice, answers, "Well, Miss Questionnés..."

"Call me Lotta," she says lustily.

"Of course, Lotta. Tonight? Personally, I may have to choose Freebird, or Flambé." He smiles cheekily, and continues, "But in seriousness, I'd have to say that it's Doctor Boom. What he did? It's amazing. Simply amazing." Smiling broadly, he adds, "And I loved his movie too!"

#3: Speediepie

"At number three," says Lotta, "It's America's quickest sweetheart! Speediepie! Born Gail Eades, she went from running the hundred yard dash in twelve seconds, and the two hundred yard dash in twenty-five-point-three seconds, to running the mile in ten seconds flat, and being the fist five time winner of the Speedster 500! She even served on The Sponsors for a brief time as Speedo. The Maiden of Motion has found the fastest route to all of our hearts, and we're glad to have her!"

On the runway, Lotta asks, "Speediepie, I have to know- how did you get your name? It's adorable!"

"Aw, thanks," says Gail. "My mom actually gave me that nickname. I ran in the United States Youth Games when I was in seventh grade, and she bought me a tee shirt and had Speediepie put on the back with those felt letters from back in the day," she laughs.

"Oh, my God!" shouts Lotta. "That's great!"

"Yeah," says the speedster, "My mom was always my biggest supporter."

"I just love you so much!" Lotta squeals. "So, who do you think is the greatest superhero of all time?"

"Doctor Boom," says Gail. "No contest."

#2: Super-American

"At number two," Chase chimes in, "it's not a shock to anyone that it's the Man From the Future himself- Martin Americana, aka the Super-American! The founder of the Super Corporation, Super-American was the biggest influence on claiming responsibility for the destruction wrought during superhero fights with supervillains. It was his example that led the government to follow suit with the Major Corporation and Major League."

The video on the runway cuts in at, "Mister Americana, I have to ask: is Martin Americana really your real name?"

"No," answers Super-American. "Being from the future, I dare not reveal my real name. So I chose my name from the American marten, or Martes Americana." He shrugs. "It just seemed prudent to protect my true identity, so I chose something in keeping with the name the President gave me."

"With your unique perspective of being from the future, who do you think is the greatest superhero of all time?"

"I can't reveal what I know from the future," Martin says seriously. "But if we have to pick a greatest, we'd be hard pressed to pick a better man than Doctor Michael Boom. His dedication to the world, and his sacrifice in the face of great odds, should be an example to us all." He smiles warmly at Chase, and then at the camera, and continues down the runway.

#1: Doctor Boom

"You heard the heroes," exclaimed Lotta. "Without fail, they all picked Doctor Boom as the greatest superhero of all time! So it comes as no surprise that you did as well! The Number One pick for The Greatest Superhero of All Time is the one! The only! Doctor Michael Boom, aka Doctor Boom, aka Doctor Eight! Now, we obviously couldn't catch him on the runway, but here's why Doctor Eight is The Greatest Superhero of All Time!

"Michael Boom is a born genius- many believe he's the smartest man that's ever lived. So it's not surprising to learn that he has doctorates in multiple fields. It might be surprising to learn that he had earned most of them by the time he was twelve! So, the child prodigy was known as Doctor Boom from early on in his life.

"Wishing to make money for projects he wanted to start to benefit humanity, Doctor Boom turned to acting as a way to make big money fast. Unfortunately for him, and maybe for us, the only movie he ever made- The Atomic Brother From Outer Space- flopped hard! Michael blamed himself for overthinking the role, and arguing the director into making changes that hurt the movie. Maybe he can consider this black mark redeemed this summer when Paper View Pictures releases the remake- My Brother From Another Mothership- starring Will Smith!

"Abandoning acting altogether, he turned to government work where he was given plenty of money for his projects, and managed to make himself over into a superhero. The world didn't get to see the full extent of his brainpower until the Accord invasion, where the rogue artificial intelligence, Cray Z8, aka Crayniac, teamed with the aliens against its home planet.

"Able to jump from brain to brain, and posing the biggest threat, Doctor Boom set a trap, forcing Crayniac to jump into his own mind when Heavyweight took down the Accord ship. Unknown to Crayniac, Boom had stationed himself in a secret base in the Arctic Circle, away from machinery and any other humanity.

"There, an epic mental battle ensued, and Doctor Boom's consciousness merged with the artificial intelligence- perhaps irreversibly- and he became known as Doctor Eight. The Arctic Circle is now popularly known as the Eighth Circle, and is off limits to the rest of the world, enforced by the combined military might of the world's superpowers. There, Doctor Eight remains until Michael Boom can overcome the influence of Crayniac. And the world waits breathlessly to see the outcome of the greatest sacrifice of the modern day world.

"Doctor Boom is truly The Greatest Superhero of All Time," finishes Lotta.


Coming Up:

"And that's our Top Ten for Februrary 18th," says Sawyer. "After these messages, we'll be back with superhero birthdays, and the story on the controversy surrounding Midas' hit single, 'Losing Your Touch!' Only here, on Heroes Tonight!"

Please let me know what you think, and thanks! -cb
Originally Presented In: CCC #70. Part of the Flambé piece was from CCC #51.
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OC Names:
  • Americana, Martin (Super-American; The Man From the Future)
  • Boom, Doctor Michael "Mike" (Doctor Boom; Doctor Eight)
  • Cold Steel
  • Crayniac (Cray Z8)
  • Cupid (The Archer of Love)
  • Darling, Medea (Freebird; Oregon; The Winged Woman)
  • Eades, Gail (Speediepie; The Maiden of Motion; Speedo)
  • Eades, "Mother" (unnamed mother of Gail)
  • Etty, Nick
  • Flambé (The Flaming Homosexual)
  • Floe
  • Heavyweight (Champion of the World)
  • Leeds, Chase
  • Load, Carrie (Load; Lode; California; Golden Dream; The Girl With the Golden Skin; Mother Lode; Motherlode)
  • Lodestar (The Babe Magnet)
  • Midas (The Golden Boy of Pop)
  • Nike (Lady Victory)
  • Oz, Kay (American Beauty; The Blonde Bombshell; Superblonde)
  • Questionnés, Lotta
  • Picture, Sawyer
  • Rime
  • Straight Arrow
  • Supermodel
  • Too Nice (Toon Ice)
  • Victorious, Victor


  • .Atomic Brother From Outer Space, The.
  • Day of the Dragon Men, The
  • Heroes Tonight (HT)
  • "Losing Your Touch"
  • .Midas Well.
  • .My Brother From Another Mothership.
  • .Playtime.
  • .Razing the Rhinodome...
  • S-Corp. Superhero Charity Gala
  • Speedster 500
  • .Toon Ice.


  • Eighth Circle
  • Motor City
  • Richmond Rotunda
  • Accord, The
  • Chilliad, The
  • Cold Hard Cash (CHC)
  • Major Corporation, The
  • Major League, The
  • Midas (The Solid Gold Boy Band)
  • Paper View Pictures
  • Sponsors, The
  • Statesmen, The
  • Super Corporation, The (S-Corp.)
  • Touch of Gold Records
Comic Characters used in this fic:
  • Nike
  • U.S. Youth Games
  • Arctic Circle
  • Detroit, MI
  • Manhattan, NY
  • Richmond, VA
  • Jesus
  • President of the US
  • Smith, Will
Public Domain:
CCC #70 comments for The Greatest Superhero of All Time:
@cbishop Pun-tastic! You constantly leave it right til the closing bell and drop some goodness on the CCC...batkevin74
Hmm... I think I will vote cbishopwaezi2
@waezi2: Thanks, Waezi'! :)cbishop
@cbishop gets my vote- This was the most entertaining story. I love a good top ten list, loved all the different super hero's and how you introduced them. Also, it just has good humor to it. I also liked that you linked this to previous stories of yours. Good job.stumpy49er
@stumpy49er: Thanks. I do like for there to be continuity between entries when possible. I need to clean a few things up before I repost this one though. I started this about four hours before the deadline, and was right up to the last second, so I was writing on the fly as I went down the top ten list I had made a day or so before. There's a few things that weren't working for me, but I didn't have time to fix them. Mostly minor things, but I'll probably rewrite the bit about Midas substantially.cbishop

...Stumpy': I don't know what Batkev' is talking about. I thought your story was good, but it seemed to be drawing from a few different sources. After reading The Impossible Man, Mr. Impressive seemed like too similar a name, if that makes sense- especially when his alternate name was Mr. Majestic- the name of a Wildstorm character. Having a secret identity when he heads a corporation didn't seem possible, but then again, Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark, and Ted Kord did it for years (although they all wore masks). Then the villain- Humble Brag- have you used him somewhere else before? I couldn't remember. Anyway, I like the name.

When you got to the origin story, I kept thinking that "Dr. Majestic" and "Dr. Thuggee" reminded me of Doc Savage and his villains, and that kind of pulp character in general. Desperado, Mohamed, Colt, and Johnny reminded me of Johnny Quest. Then when you got to the wishes, that kind of muddied the whole heroic origin for me. Still, he got the badguy, and was willing to (finally) accept the consequences.

Like I said, it seemed like a lot of sources there, but I think it worked.

Overall: I think it's interesting that with the stipulation that their real identity be public knowledge, we completely thrust our characters into the media spotlight. Not sure we could have done anything else... maybe a small town that knows the super's real identity (something like Huck from Millarworld). Anyway, interesting.

Vote's going to @stumpy49er.


@cbishop: Thanks for the vote.

I like that this made you think of Doc Savage but I was mostly drawing on Johnny Quest. Mohamed/Maxwell Majestic was my take on Hadji if he were more of an anti hero who made a morally bad decision and who had more of a tragic past.

Dr. Thuggee was sort of a play on Dr. Zin but also inspired by your character Phansigar.

As for Mr. Majestic, didn't know about the Wildstorm character but I had thought of Mr. Majestyk which is a 70's Charles Bronson action flick about a melon farmer who takes on some mafia guys.

Really, I just liked the names Mr. Impressive and Maxwell Majestic so I just decided to use them both.

As for Humble Brag, I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've used this character. I might have to look into that though. Maybe he's in an old chapter of The Indomitable Few or in an old Character Creation Contest entry of mine.


@stumpy49er: Really?! Phansigar had an influence there? Cool!

As for Mr. Majestic, I think they dropped Mr after the first mini-series. :)


...3rd CBishop...


Cbishop gets my vote.The world building is top notch.


@time_phantom: Thanks! I appreciate that! :)

CCC #51 comments for Flambé The Flaming Homosexual:

@cbishop I forgot to mention this but your entry made me laugh. Proud to be gay over here lmao.

P.S. Not all gay men are flamboyant. Still it's funny.


@kcsshd: No, not all, but some are. I actually came up with Flambe' 15 years ago. I worked in a kitchen, and we had a very "out" waiter who was flamboyant as could be. Someone referred to him as "gay...I mean flaming," and flambe is something you deal with in food service, so bam, Flambe' the Flaming Homosexual. He's kind of my personal challenge character- I have a hard time seeing LGBT characters as anything but a gimmick to draw in readers (because that seems to be how most of them are used) so I wanted to see if I could write one that was just a character that happens to be gay. His flamboyancy is a necessity to go along with his name, but he's a cross between the waiter and an also flamboyant LCS owner I know. :)


@cbishop That's a cool story. I know what you mean by some gay characters being gimmicks rather than advancing or showcasing a part of the world or story. Although, not all homosexual stories are exactly gimmicks. There have been writers of past showcasing or hinting at lesbianism or homosexuality but a lot of those authors had to avoid being banned. (Now with free speech actually applying to literature in most cases, it isn't really a problem.) The Fox by D.H. Lawrence could be an example of early lesbanism back in 1923.

Basically the summary of what I have noticed is that a gay character either exists because of three reasons: 1. As a story/character detail that draws in people and may produce complications in plot. 2. Showcases tolerance or intolerance in a society. 3. The writer has no idea how else to write a relationship because being gay themselves, it's difficult to write a straight one. (I find it almost automatic to make a male character gay because it's basically natural.)

Paraphrasing from the book How to Read Literature like a Professor. Writers put what they have in their conscience and subconscious into the story as well as their imagination. Basically if the writer is already gay, it is easy for them to make a gay character because it is part of their essence as a person imaginatively, subconsciously, and consciously.


@kcsshd: Well, that explains why I have a hard time with it. Lol :)


@cbishop: @kcsshd: I have read a couple of stories (I think one was where DC's Tasmanian Devil came out) where the revelation is treated somewhat flippantly, something like

"I am gay"

"What is that like?"

"It is hard to be gay and be a superhero"

"Oh OK, on to other business"

It seems in these cases that it is the second example listed, though a really poor version of it. I guess some writers are not well suited to handle such developments though.


You have to be able to write them real. My gay friends will zing me with gay innuendo in a second, and I'll make "queen" and Dorothy puns (I must stress that these are friends, not strangers). It's hard to do that in fiction without getting tagged as anti-LGBT in some way. Until you can write fully rounded characters that deal with everything without silly reader backlash, it's hard to do competently.


I vote for Cbishop!


@tommythehitman: Thank you, sir. :)


Lmfao. I never could've pictured CB writing a story about a flaming homosexual until now.

This is too good.

My vote goes to CB.


@alexander_wolffe: I don't know if it's so much a "story" as one of those blurbs you might see under a picture in a magazine article. lol

Flambe has been on my character list for a long time. I question whether I can write a gay character well, but he'll likely be the test case. :)

.Full Fan-Fic Index. (My library of fics)

Thanks for stopping in! :^D

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Reviews: 54

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#2  Edited By cbishop

Notes on a few of the characters in this story:

Martin Americana, aka Super-American: The Man From the Future

Super-American is a Public Domain superhero that just happened to fit an idea of mine perfectly. I've had a character on my list for a long time that was just named Supermale- pretty much because he was purposely a riff on Superman. I initially created Supermale just so I could retell The Death of Superman the way I thought it should have gone. Still, I can't just outright copy Superman, because DC would sue me. So I started trying to come up with Supermale's backstory. In the long process of doing so, I abandoned the idea of retelling The Death of Superman in favor of telling original stories.

Over time, Supermale's story has changed much. I've changed his name a few times, because every time I thought I had a good name, I found out it was already in use:

  • I made his real name a generic one from a group of guys in the future, collectively known as Dr. Smith (oops, Dr. Who alias!).
  • I thought maybe something with a lighter riff on Superman- how 'bout Solarman (oops, Erik Larsen beat me to it!).
  • Finally, I thought I had the perfect name in Superior (oops, Mark Millar beat me to it! Grr). Superior was going to change the characterization greatly, and tie him to a major group. Ah, well.
  • The character was kind of in limbo for several years, until finally I ran across Super-American during the CCC Public Domain contest. Alex Ross has used the character in Project: Superpowers, but that's the beauty of Public Domain, baby! As long as my version isn't like his version, I can use the name!

Something that hasn't changed about my character is that Super-American is from the future. Which is what made SA such a great choice- his comic origin has him coming from the future as well. I'm definitely tweaking the origin a bit, but that element remains.

Gail Eades, aka Speediepie: The Maiden of Motion, aka Speedo

Gail Eades is actually a girl I went to high school with. She was a few years ahead of me, and ran track as a sprinter. The girls on the team called her Speediepie, and less often Speedo. We're Facebook friends, so I messaged her a few years ago to ask her permission to use her as a character. She gave it. I messaged her again when CCC 70 came up, and we talked about her track days. The 100 yard and 200 yard dash times, and her character dialogue actually came from Gail herself- they were pulled straight from our FB chat. So that actually is how Gail Eades got the name Speediepie! She's read it, and gave her wholehearted approval. I had a great time writing her as a character.

Flambé: The Flaming Homosexual

This character was inspired by a gay waiter that worked at a country club I once worked at. To say that he was flamboyant from the start is putting it mildly. One day, one of my coworkers in the kitchen made the comment, "That guy is gay- I mean flaming!"

At the time- and this was about twenty years ago- I wasn't that comfortable around gay people. I had a couple bad experiences with gay men coming on to me before I was out of my teens, and it made me not want to be around anyone gay. In fact, I had to get the coworker that said it to explain to me that "flaming" came from the phrase "flaming homosexual." That's how much I had avoided anything gay at the time.

This guy changed my mind. He was the first gay guy I'd met that was completely, openly out, and honestly- the guy was hilarious. I didn't react to him in the best way- I was still dealing with my feelings about those bad experiences- but he was the start of me becoming more accepting. Wish I could remember his name- I'd probably use it as the alias for Flambé.

Oh, and that's the other thing- Flambé. Simply put, around the same time, the chef mentioned doing a flambé of something, and I thought that two terms heard at the club made the perfect name: Flambé: The Flaming Homosexual.

My intention with Flambé has never been to make fun of LGBT-anything. He's sort of my test case for gay characters. I'm a big believer in "write what you know," and I don't know being gay, so I feel a little uncomfortable writing the character. That's why he's based on that waiter, and an openly gay LCS owner I know in Vegas. Funny is funny, and both of them are, so I can't help but find humor when I write Flambé.

Also, there was a part of the section on Flambé that came from CCC 51. The theme of that contest was "fire," and the word limit was fifty words. This is what I wrote:

Flambe The Flaming Homosexual is loud and proud about being a gay superhero, wearing dayglow pink spandex with bright orange and yellow flames around his plunging V-neck shirt. After defeating the homophobic killer archer, Straight Arrow, he's the darling of both the Manhattan hero circuit, and the college club scene.

That ranked 2nd in the contest. I've been looking for a place to drop in that tidbit, and I edited it very slightly to make it fit in the Top Ten blurb about him.

Nick Etty

Nick Etty is another gay character, but I have almost zero story in mind for him. I can tell you that the character is a designer known for his line of purses- Nick Etty Purses. The idea came from the word "persnickety." Being gay just came about because he's a designer- there seems to be a small list of gay guys in that field. Overall, Nick Etty will probably be someone mentioned in passing, as he was in the section on Medea Darling.

Too Nice, aka Toon Ice (from the cartoon Toon Ice)

This is something I came up with in the early 90's. I pictured it as one of those 70's-80's cartoons that followed a similar formula from episode-to-episode. Too Nice is a rapper, and Toon Ice is his ice powered (also rapping) alter ego. Yet the recurring badguy of the show (that I've never named) never puts the two together, even though he constantly yells, "This Toon Ice is just too nice!" I've always thought that line would be part of the show's theme song as well.

In 1998, when I came up with Cold Hard Cash- ice powered people also in the entertainment field- I just thought it would be cool to say that Rime was the voice of the cartoon character Too Nice.

The Atomic Brother From Outer Space and My Brother From Another Mothership

When I came up with Doctor Boom, my intention was to take a stereotype and turn it around for good. Part of that was to have him be part of the Blaxploitation film period, and The Atomic Brother From Outer Space was just me coming up with a Blaxploitation-sounding name off the top of my head.

It wasn't until about twelve years later that I ran across a five dollar DVD of The Brother From Another Planet, starring Joe Morton. It was about as horrible as you might think. So I thought of the slang "my brother from another mother," and came up with the "remake" My Brother From Another Mothership.

That's all for now. Hope you enjoyed it, and thanks for stopping in! -cb :^D

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