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I am not the author of Medievalist Comics and the American Century.


Chris Bishop (but not that one) ;)


Chris Bishop was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and raised in Chesterfield County, Virginia. He has lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

1990's: Had letters published in two comics (issues of Complex City and Vanguard: Strange Visitors).

2002: Was published in a poetry anthology.

2005-2009: Was published in company newsletters.

2010: Did preliminary editing on the prose novel Raven Diablo: Agent of Kali, by Miko Montgomery.

2014: Did preliminary editing in 2014 on The Grave, by Dan Fraga, before it went to the publisher.

2010-2021: Posted original fiction to Comic Vine, and occasional fan-fic with links to full disclaimers. My user name is cbishop. The site appears to be broken beyond repair now, so I have stopped posting new writing.

2015-2021: Kept track of the entire Fan-Fic forum under the alt user name FicOPedia. Will gladly pick it up again if the posting bug is fixed.

2021: Is in charge of the website for Gwandanaland Comics.


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