Character » Ch'rell appears in 26 issues.

    Ch'rell is an Utrom war criminal and Krang's deadliest warrior.

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    Ch'rell is an Utrom Colonel and the brother of Ma'rell. He later sided with Krang and became his deadliest warrior under him and was later imprisoned for his crimes. His first debut was in TMNT Issue 56 where he was shown in stasis. He was eventually freed by Krang's followers to lead them in Krang's place.


    Ch'rell first appeared in the 2003 TMNT series as the Utrom Shredder and served as the main villain of the first three seasons and the film Turtles Forever. Ch'rell also made a cameo in the original Mirage comics.

    Turtles Forever

    In Turtles Forever, Shredder and Krang from 1987 resurrect Ch'rell, who takes over the Technodrome.


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