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    Honored Fallen Lantern of Space Sector 1014.

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    • Green Lantern
    • Status: Deceased
    • Space Sector: 1014
    • Sector Partner: Service pre-dates Sector Partners
    • Homeworld: H'lven
    • Predecessor: B'rr
    • Successor: B'dg


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    Ch'p comes from a planet called H'Iven, which is inhabited by a race of intelligent beings resembling "cartoon" earth animals. His sector was invaded by Doctor Ub'x and his Crabster Army. Doctor Ub'x succeeded in killing off the Green Lantern of H'Iven, B'rr. When Ch'p's predecessor was murdered, he had not yet chosen someone to receive his ring and take his place, so the Guardians were left without a Green Lantern for Sector 1014. As the leader of H'Iven's rebellion against Doctor Ub'x, Ch'p had been sentenced to death. While awaiting his sentence, one of the Guardians of the Universe themselves visited him in his prison cell and asked him to join the Green Lantern Corps. Mostly operating on H'Iven at first, Ch'p struggled with his identity the same way the Green Lanterns of Earth had. Ch'p had to hide who he was from his girlfriend, M'nn'e, but she soon found out his identity as a Lantern when he was forced to rescue her from Ub'x.

    Service in the Corps

    During Ch'p's career as a Lantern, he had frequent battles with Doctor Ub'x and had to repeatedly defeat him in order to protect H'Iven. Ub'x had even managed to take Ch'p's ring away at one point, but Ch'p left the ring with a command to imprison Ub'x and turned the situation to his advantage. Aside from protecting his own sector, Ch'p frequently aided the Corps in major battles where as much firepower as possible was needed. He participated in the attack on Qward to destroy the Anti-Green Lantern Corps as well as the battle against Maaldor which resulted in the death of Green Lantern Arkkis Chummuck. During his time with the Corps, Ch'p befriended many of his fellow Lanterns including Arisia and John Stewart. Most notable, however, was his friendship with veteran Lantern Salaak, who received aid from the Hl'ven native when Salaak's true personality was buried beneath that of the fictitious Pol Manning.

    During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Ch'p fought alongside his fellow lanterns with loyalty and bravery. However, when the crisis was over and the multiverse was no more, Ch'p found it difficult to adjust. When he found out that M'nn'e had married his best friend in the current timeline, Ch'p found that there was nothing left for him on H'Iven and relocated to Earth.


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    Towards the end of his life, Ch’p became very depressed and tried to kill himself, however, his old friend Lantern Salaak showed up in time to stop him and convince him that he needed to live and continue to carry out his responsibility to the Corps and to the universe. Ch’p then spent some time in hibernation. When he awoke from hibernation he was stationed on the Mosaic World which had been located on Oa. It was there that he was killed when a yellow truck hit him.

    Blackest Night

    The corpse of Ch'p rested in the crypt of the Green Lantern Corps' honored dead on Oa, until that crypt was breached by a swarm of black power rings. Ch'p, like many other deceased Green Lanterns, was reanimated as a Black Lantern. He, along with the others, attacked the still-living Green Lanterns on and around Oa. Due to the destruction of the Black Lantern Central Power Battery, Ch'p is assumed to be dead once more...

    Powers and Abilities

    Ch’p is a bearer of the Green Lantern Ring and one of the most powerful of the Corps. The abilities the ring grants him are:

    • Artificial Intelligence: Every ring has a connection to the Main Battery on Oa, which taps into an artificial intelligence. It acts as an "on-board computer," telling the wearer what they need to know. It can either respond out loud, or silently directly to the wearer's mind. The AI contains a large database of information that may be crucial to a Lantern's success. The ring also translates nearly every language to and from the wearer (though they have difficulty translating profanity), which is why the Corps can communicate with each other. When the bearer of a Green Lantern ring dies, the ring will seek out a suitable replacement for their sector. The AI can be used to play a holographic playback sequence complete with colors across the spectrum based on information in memory banks. The ring can dictate when to pause or stop the playback should an interruption arise where the Lanterns undivided attention is needed. The AI can also alert the wielder of incoming threats or of attempts to manipulate the wielders construct by an outside party.
    • Communicator: The ring can act as a personal communicator between Green Lanterns. They have also been seen connected to telephones.
    • Costumes: The wearer of the ring may create any costume they choose, based on their personal preferences, whenever they choose. The ring projects the costume over any clothes already worn at the time. The only rules that the Guardians of the Universe implement on the creation of a individual costumed is that the ring bearer display the insignia of the Green Lantern Corps.
    • Energy Projection: The rings can also project beams, form protective bubbles and force fields, and fire destructive blasts. Sometimes, depending on the wearer, the beams and blasts make sounds. Kilowog's ring is one such example of blasts making sounds.
    • Energy Constructs: The rings can construct anything the wearer can imagine from hard-light energy, as long as they are willing to make it. The more determined the wearer is, the more complex and intricate these things can be. The constructs can even be so complex as to form working machines, computers, and even people.
    • Flight: The ring allows the wearer to fly in atmosphere or in space, and can achieve incredible speeds, moving from planet to planet in a matter of hours.
    • Invisibility: The ring can make the wearer or anything else invisible.
    • Phasing: The ring allows the user to go through walls. This ability however required great concentration on the bearer of the ring
    • Power Absorbing: In the JLA's first fight with Amazo, it was GL who defeated him by drawing out all of Amazo's powers. In Green Lantern/ Silver Surfer: Unholy Alliances, Kyle defeated Parallax with SS' power and Thanos with Oa's energy by drawing out all that extra energy from them which made them unconscious. However he couldn't hold all that power nor could his Ring like Hal did with Amazo's powers, so that move isn't often used with so much power.
    • Recharging: The rings need to be recharged by means of a Power Battery. Other large sources of power may be used to recharge a power ring, however effectiveness may vary. The internal power source of a Manhunter Android is, in effect, the same as a power battery, and can be used to recharge a power ring. During the JLA / Avengers crossover, a Cosmic Cubewas used to recharge a depleted ring, although this is not an ideal solution and is available if there are no other options.
    • Electro-magnetic scanning: The ring can allow(through the use of x rays) the user to see through walls, without the people on the other side knowing. it can also scan along the Electromagnetic spectrum.
    • Wormhole/Warps: The ring can open wormholes to cut down on distance.
    • Healing: A wielder can command a ring to heal him/her/itself of any injures incurred. It can also heal others. This ability however cannot regenerate lost limbs.
    • Sub-routines: The power rings have inner programmings or mechanisms which can executed without the users permission. One such sub-routine is the autoshield. This shield automatically protects a wielder from external harm and has been proven to be capable of protecting the wielder from planetary level attacks.


    Radiation: Besides light based radiation used to create the energy constructs associated with a Green Lantern, the ring can simulate various forms of radiation. One example of this is the ability to simulate the radiation of Green Kryptonite, a form of radiation that is harmful to Superman. However, this ability is no longer valid and has been retconned.

    Time travel: The ring allows the wielder the ability to travel through time, though the process requires great willpower.


    Mental Incapacitation: The ring cannot be wielded correctly if the wearer is under the influence of drugs or if there is an involvement of neural interference.

    Yellow Impurity: In the beginning the Green Ring was vulnerable to the color yellow. It was unable to defend against attacks from wielders of the Sinestro Corps as well. This weakness however has now be changed and can be overcome by veterans who have the ability to overcome great fear. Hal Jordan was of the first of the Green Lanterns to show that this weakness could be overcome.

    Recharge: Previously had to be recharged every 24 hours or when it has been depleted of energy. This can be accomplished if the bearer of the ring recites an oath into his power lantern while holding the ring to it. However now, the power ring only needs to be recharged when it runs out of energy. Sinestro stated to Hal that it was possible for a Green Lantern to store his.her battery in a pocket Universe and take it with them wherever they went but so far Hal has not displayed the ability to do this.

    Red Lantern Corps: Bearers of the red ring have the ability to drain a Green Power Ring of its energy. The ring of a Blue Lantern however has the ability to charge a Green Lantern Ring or negate this negative effect. Blue Lanterns rings also have the ability to purge the negative effects that a Red Lanterns Ring can cause upon the wielder of a Green Lantern Ring.

    (Previous Weaknesses)

    Ability To Kill: One of the main weaknesses of the Power Rings that greatly disturbed Sinestro was the fact that the bearers of the Green Lantern Ring were unable to kill. Recently however, this restriction on the rings has been lifted but murder is still against the law of the GL Corps. This restriction was lifted by the Guardians of the Universe during the War of the Green Lanterns.


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