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    Marlon Shakespeare, otherwise known as Chopper. Supersurf Champion.

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    Chopper is a character from the 2000AD series - Judge Dredd (created by writers John Wagner/Alan Grant and artist Ron Smith).

    Chopper was a typical Mega-City One juve - bored and restless with no future. So he broke out by being a wallscrawler, challenging the Judges with his own brand of graffiti. He was eventually caught by Judge Dredd, but not before making his mark on the big Meg.

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    While being rehabilitated, Chopper took up skysurfing, took part in illegal Supersurfs and become World Champion. This set him up against Oz skysurfer Jug McKenzie. The pair were initially bitter rivals, but eventually became friends.

    Several times Chopper outwitted the law (and Judge Dredd), but he couldn't repeat his success in subsequent Supersurf races. Then came Supersurf 11, a 'death race' which Chopper only just survived.

    After this, Chopper retired to the Oz outback, but he has made a few trips back to MC1 since...

    Chopper story index:

    • Judge Dredd - UnAmerican Graffiti (John Wagner/Alan Grant - Ron Smith) (2000ad progs 206-207 - April 1981)
    • Judge Dredd - Midnight Surfer (John Wagner/Alan Grant - Cam Kennedy) (2000ad progs 424-429 - June to August 1985)
    • Judge Dredd - Oz (John Wagner/Alan Grant - various artists) (2000ad progs 545-570 - October 1987 to April 1988)
    • Chopper - Soul on Fire (John Wagner - Colin Macneil) (2000ad progs 594-597 - October 1988)
    • Chopper - Song of the Surfer (John Wagner - Colin Macneil) (2000ad progs 654-665 - November 1989 to February 1990)
    • Chopper - Earth, Wind and Fire (Garth Ennis - John McCree) (Judge Dredd Megazine (volume one) issues 1-6 - October 1990 to March 1991)
    • Chopper - Dead Man's Twist (Garth Ennis - Martin Emond) (Judge Dredd Megazine (volume two) issue 36 - September 1993)
    • Chopper - Funeral in Mega-City One (John Wagner - Colin Macneil) (Judge Dredd poster prog 4 - 1994)
    • Chopper - Supersurf 13 (Alan McKenzie - John Higgins) (2000ad progs 964-971 - November to December 1995)
    • Chopper - The Big Meg (John Wagner - Patrick Goddard and Dylan Teague) (2000ad progs 1387-1394 - April to June 2004)

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