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    Mystician. A bartender at the Bar with No Doors.

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    Originally a sideshow magician, he became a professional criminal and would later join the Headmen, a group of criminal scientists specializing in odd cranium related operations. Arthur Nagan, the group's leader, had Chondu's brain transplanted into the body of Defenders member, Nighthawk. This was an attempt to harness the power of the growing Defenders team. Dr. Strange would later remove Chondu's consciousness, and to add insult to injury, placed it in the body of a fawn.


    Chondu was created by Doug Wildey and made his first appearance was in Tales of Suspense #9.

    Major Story Arcs

    His fellow Headmen would place his mind in a new body, albeit a monstrous one. Despite being a more powerful being, Chondu was repulsed by his new form and went insane. After a while his colleagues would hire the Circus of Crime to capture the She-Hulk , so they could use her DNA to create a new body for Chondu. They successfully transplanted his head to a clone of She-Hulk's body, as well as using chemicals to cure Chondu's sanity. However, once again Chondu was furious at his compatriots' choice of body for him. In the course of a battle with Spider-Man and a freed She-Hulk, Chondu's head was knocked off the clone's body. Despite this decapitation, he remained alive due to life-support equipment.

    Powers and Abilities

    Chondu is able to levitate, travel between dimensions, perform magic and create illusions.


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