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Chokehold was born not on Earth but in Battleworld sense both the Beyonder and Galactus had battle each other to the death the energies released from the blast killed Reed Richards. Heroes and villains grew enraged and battle each other casting the lives of Kang, Magneto, Bulldozer, Captain Marvel, Cyclops, Dr. Octopus and Spider-Woman. Dr. Doom offered a trust and build a castle similar to the one in Latveria while he father a son with the Enchantress so did Thor, for this double crossing Doom killed her. Hulk exiled himself while the heroes and villains lived in peace even having kids. Thor’s son Balder was invited by his half-brother Vincent to joined the Malefactors but he refuse, instead he took Trudy Creel the daughter of the Absorbing Man and Titania. When the Malefactors were attacked by the son of the heroes, Chokehold as she now when by fought Crusader the daughter of Rogue and Captain Marvel who had in position her father’s shield and Thor’s hammer. Chokehold manage to absorbed both properties but was defeated easily by the Crusader who demonstrated the abilities of her mother by absorbing not only Chokehold’s power momentarily but the substance she had absorbed. After the battle she was imprison within Doom’s castle.

Powers: Chokehold is the daughter of two augmented humans those some few qualities from her parents were pass on to her, but she is a mutant and her powers are yet not fully develop. She proven able to possess super strength in her human form and absorbed two substance at the same time.

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