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    Leader of the Cleaners and a master of mind control.

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    Choke was created by Birds of Prey writer Duane Swierczynski.

    Major Story Arcs

    Birds of Prey

    Appearing in Gotham, the Cleaners, a group of covert, stealth assassins, begin to target Black Canary and her would be team, the Birds of Prey, for unknown reasons. Using a drug created to reconnect neural transmissions within the brain of stroke victims, the Cleaners are able to plant bombs inside the heads of their victims, detonating them with hypnotic phrases. Cleaner agents manage to plant a bomb within Black Canary's head, first made evident when Choke begins to speak to Canary through her mind, while she tries to save others believed to be carrying bombs. Starling, and the rest of the Birds of Prey manage to save Canary, disabling the bomb in her head, but when they find what they believe to be the HQ of the Cleaners, Choke once again takes control of their minds, and the next thing they know, they're standing in the middle of a pile of rubble, and Batgirl is missing, and Starlings hand is fixed.

    Each member of the team debates over what happened, until Black Canary decides that they'll regroup wt the building. Canary writes down the address on Starling's arm, and leaves to clear her mind. It is then revealed that Choke controlled Canary's mind and sent Starling to a bridge where tons of assassins were waiting for her.

    The team learns of a mind control victim. They cure him and send him back to his office to listen in on what happens (with Canary and Ivy in the office and Katana, Batgirl and Starling in the sewers with Trevor Cahill). They discover the entire office is under Choke's control. They then realize that Trevor Cahill is Choke. The Birds capture him and try to get him to confess, only to have him say a nursery rhyme that poisons Ivy and forces Starling to try and kill Katana. Angry, Katana simply cuts off his head so her sword can reveal his secrets. With the team falling apart, Dinah investigates Trevor's apartment, and is then consoled by Batgirl. She then gets a call from Katana, who claims the man in her sword is not Choke.


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