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William Stryker was looking for angelic mutant wings that caried Apocalypse's alteration. Originally he brought and severed the wings of Icarus. These wings proved to be completely normal, Icarus believed he was sacrificing his wings for a good cause, not to possibly create the choir. When Stryker died (killed by Elixir, friend of Icarus), the duty of finding the special wings fell upon Matthew Risman.  
Angel after killing many of the Choir
Angel after killing many of the Choir

The purifiers kidnapped Rahne, aka Wolfsbane, and programmed her to attack the Angel. Then they gave her a shot of heroine, this almost killed her, but Elixir was able to save her. when she awoke she went on a freny and tore Angels wings off. She then brought the wings to the Purifiers, where it was discovered that Angel's wings still had Apocalypse's DNA. Shortly after Angel began to regrow his wings, quit painfully. Meanwhile several Purifiers were having wings implanted on their backs. Angel was able to find his wings. Matthew wanted to use the Choir to attack Bastion and regain control over the Purifiers. Angel, now Archangel again, began to slaughter the Choir. He killed many before they retreated. Presently, their werabout are unknown.

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