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Also known as "The Sword Hunter," Sawagejō Chō is a collector of unusual swords or those with strange properties thus he possesses quite a collection of rare and unusual swords.
A native of Osaka Japan , Chō has a very calm and cool exterior, and normally keeps one eye closed when talking, and only opens both eyes when excited in the heat of battle.  It is unknown when he was recruited by Shishio but as a sword collector he came into conflict with kenshin while they both searched for famed sword maker Shakkū last forged sword

He captures Arai Seikū's son Iori, threatening to kill him so they would reveal the location of the final sword of Shakkū to him. Just as planned he gets the location of the sword and goes straight to the temple where the sword is revered as a godsword. 
Chō took along his hostage just in case he ran into trouble. Just as predictated he ran into opposition from Kenshin Himura. The two fought even though Kenshin had a broken sakabatō. He even manages to hold his own against the crippled kenshin for a time until Kenshin gets the sword. With a full blade in hand Kenshin easily defeats Chō. He is then carted off to jail for his crimes and association with Shishio. There he reveals a bit of shishio's plan to Sanosuke and saito before he is left alone in his cell, him and sano also became quick enemies as their personalities are like oil and water. While he could have escaped from prison his fear of being killed by shishio made him remain jailed.
 After Shishio's death, Chō pays Kenshin and his friends a visit to inform them of what happened to the remaining members of the Ten Swords since Shishio's passing, then he goes on to work under Saito as a spy and informant for the very government he had worked so hard to overthrow


As sanosuke says he's a "broomhead" his blond hair sticks straight up in the air and is his trademark.

Skills and abilities

 Since he possesses quite a collection of rare and unusual swords,
his fighting style is determined by the sword he uses, but he mainly uses the style Garyuorochi.  The first isOrochi (Eight-Headed Hydra), in which Chō bounces his sword, Hakujin no Tachi (The Thin blade) on the ground in waves.   

He is only a mediocre opponent when not using  his favorite sword, a long flexible sword he keeps hidden around his waist, but he will still begin battles with regular swords, preferring to toy with his opponents. Only if they prove a true challenge will he reveal his full ability.

 he also used a double bladed sword known as a renbatō. and amaster sheathing technique Reverse Mid-Air Sheathing".

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