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Posted by gmanfromheck (42524 posts) - - Show Bio

In television's Smallville show, Chloe Sullivan is Clark Kent's best friend. She's known about his superpowers since the beginning and has helped protect that secret. This was one of the show's biggest departures from the Superman mythos since she was created for the show and never appeared in a comic book (I won't go into all the others differences between the show and comic). 
Speculation began and viewers wondered if Chloe's character would die before Clark made the transformation into Superman. In what appeared to be a remedy, DC Comics made plans in 2007 for Chloe to appear in the current issues. Despite comic images appearing online, the dilemma was how to integrate her into Superman's history based on his past in comics and what went on during the television show.  

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Chloe finally made her official debut in the Jimmy Olsen back up stories in Action Comics last year. Similar to events from the show, Chloe now had a history with Jimmy. Even though she was never mentioned before, it is now established that she is Jimmy's ex-girlfriend. Is it really necessary for Chloe to have a role in DC Comics? 
 == TEASER == 
 Jimmy Olsen One-Shot, March 2011
 Jimmy Olsen One-Shot, March 2011
This is simply another matter of taking a new character and thrusting them into the existing history of other characters. Jimmy has never really been the center of attention in comics but for long time readers, it feels odd that suddenly he has another ex-girlfriend (Jimmy's only real girlfriend has been Lucy Lane). We may not know all the details of Jimmy's personal life but when did this take place? 
Based on Jimmy's interaction and jealousy over Chloe's activities in the story, the conclusion can be made that they went on more than just a couple dates. There is a history between them, a history we never knew about and are supposed to accept. 
Chloe Sullivan has a strong fan base from the television show. There's likely to be many that have never read a Superman comic. It's understandable that her appearing now could bring in new readers. If so, that's great. Other than that, I'm having a hard time accepting the need for her to be injected into the DC Comics universe, especially since this is the final season of the show. She may have fans but this isn't the same Chloe that TV viewers know. On the show she's an asset to Clark Kent. In the comics, all we've really seen is bitterness and a need for competition between herself and Jimmy. 
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The other questions is, besides a past relationship with Jimmy, where does she stand with Clark and Lois? Is she still Lois Lane's cousin? There was also a mention in Geoff Johns' Superman: Secret Origin #1 when a young Pete Ross breaks his arm and her name is sort of seen on his cast. Did Chloe go to high school with Clark? That would make her older than Jimmy but they appear close in age in the recent stories. If Chloe did go to Smallville High, does she know Clark's secret. It doesn't seem like that's the case. (There was also another mention of Chloe on a post-it note on Lois' computer).
I don't have a problem with Chloe's character. I just don't see the point in bringing her into the comics after almost ten years of television appearances. Why has it taken so long? If this Chloe is different and the name on Pete's cast was a joke or a coincidence, that's fine. If her inclusion into the DC Universe means Jimmy can have more of his own supporting cast, that's great. At this point in time, it would make more sense for her to be part of Jimmy's past rather than part of Clark's. I just find it hard to accept that she could have been a major part of Clark's past in Smallville and we've never heard about it.
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#1 Posted by kitsuneconundrum (204 posts) - - Show Bio

cant we just retcon jimmy olsen out of existence instead.

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#2 Posted by Deranged Midget (18346 posts) - - Show Bio

I like her character, but I don't think she belongs in the mainstream Superman comics.

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#3 Posted by Black Lantern Mar-vell (2119 posts) - - Show Bio

Heck, I didn't even like her on the show.  I don't see the need to bring her into the DCU either, but I guess that's not for us to decide.

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#4 Posted by KRYPTON (2424 posts) - - Show Bio

10 Years of Television appearances in Smallville, and they want to incorporate her into DC Comics continuity. It's characters like Jimmy Olsen that usually have a hard time grabbing readers attention. I like Chloe's character, however seeing her in Jimmy's stories don't help, besides they were once married in Smallville, so how does that get incorporated into the series? Crisis On Infinite Earth's? Time Travel? Whatever the reason, I just think DC Comics are trying to get the secondary characters (like Jimmy Olsen and Commissioner Gordon) more active in comics. You don't really see them battling a super villain, or cracking some case in a monthly title. I think that is the motive behind most of the back up stories.

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#5 Posted by Supreme Marvel (11579 posts) - - Show Bio

About time!

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#6 Posted by The Hottness (4207 posts) - - Show Bio

i dont mind the idea

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#7 Posted by Magian (151800 posts) - - Show Bio
@Supreme Marvel said:
" About time! "
This. Anyway I knew from before that she wasn't going to be the exact same person she was in Smallville so I am not surprised. As to how she is going to be incorporated into the DC universe, bigger changes have happened in the past. I am sure they will find a way. She is one of my favorites characters in Smallville and I was surprised that it took them so much to bring her.
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#8 Posted by DEGRAAF (8422 posts) - - Show Bio
@kitsuneconundrum said:
"cant we just retcon jimmy olsen out of existence instead. "

lol i like that idea, he is like Peter Parker with out the Spiderman side.  
I like Chloe and am glad they brought her in to the comic world finally but they are right, the comic version is not the same as the tv version. If they were going to try and tie her in to the Superman mytho's more, they should have started her out as Lois's cousin instead. I dont have a problem with them trying to force her in to the Superman Mythos since she isnt a big character and wouldnt effect to much. It would be different if they were trying to bring in someone like Doomsday and say that he was the first villain to ever face Superman or them trying to decide whether Clark and Lex knew each other as kids.
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#9 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6958 posts) - - Show Bio

    I've always been a fan of Jimmy's character (us redheads tend to always support each other after all.) But it does seem a touch much to incorporate a television character outside of regular DC continuity into comics when the show itself has been on for ten years with the intention of saying that she's an old flame of his.  I never was much of a fan of Chloe's to begin with but that's not why I'm really opposed to her being in comics.  Had they incorporated her into DCU continuity say...about 8 or 9 years ago as the show progressed, then I could see the point.  This is just too abrupt.   
    Now some might try to invoke the example of Harleen Quinzell in Batman's world to counter my argument. And they would be correct except for one thing, Harley was gradually annexed into the DCU while the Animated Series progressed.  Now she's an accepted villainess of the Multiverse and nobody questions her right to be there. This is not the case with Chloe.
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#10 Posted by ForbushBug (512 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't really understand the big deal if and how long the character was on TV. Harley Quinn started out on television as did Renee Montoya, who got fleshed out way more than she was as a cartoon. As for other stuff Tony mentions, I don't see it as a big deal. So we never saw Chloe before. There's been plenty of times where Jimmy wasn't used in the comic much, not like he wasn't having a life then. As for the cast, since Johns has worked on "Smallville" that could just a nudge and a wink, especially considering effort was made to tease the last name. 

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#11 Posted by Doctor!!!!! (2135 posts) - - Show Bio

Finally! Chloe needs to be recognized in the DCU, if X-23 and Harley Quinn could do it so can she, and besides........ I really miss Her!!!

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#12 Posted by eproo (3 posts) - - Show Bio

It's not bad that they bringing her in the comic, but it is bad that they make her part of Jimmy's past not Clark.

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#13 Edited by SFX87 (179 posts) - - Show Bio


I love chloe and now that Smallville is coming to an end im happy to see her in comics
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#14 Edited by AKAWiccan (170 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm a Chloe fan since the first episode of Smallville and it's great to see her in the Comics. The DCU Chloe is different to the Smallville Chloe but I still like her. Yeah now the story of Jimmy has changed a little bit but why not? There are always new characters in the comics - brothers who never mentioned before, girlfriends or something like that.  Jimmy is my favorite character in the DC Comics and in Smallville and I really like the storylike in the series (except his death :p) and in the comics.
I don't understand why there is always the same question. I guess Chloe will be a great DCU character. Harley Quinn started as a televison-character, too. Now, she has a strong fanbase and it takes seven years till her introduction into the DCU. 
And sorry for my english but it isn't my native language.

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#15 Posted by Mercy_ (94916 posts) - - Show Bio

Meh. I freaking love Chloe but I don't lime how they're going about doing this. Not at all. It feels cheap, somewhat lazy and isn't doing justice to her characeter.

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#16 Posted by Bruce Vain (1833 posts) - - Show Bio

It was only a matter of time till she became officially part of the DC world. Like Harley Quinn.
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#17 Posted by thecheckeredman (421 posts) - - Show Bio

Sure, her purpose is to make the Supes comics really annoying...but I think the real title for her is JSA as the new Dr. Fate. 
heh heh heh

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#18 Posted by Ice Zero (44 posts) - - Show Bio

Chloe Sullivan at the DCU! That's really cool because during the Smallville Story Chloe showed an surprising impact on Clark's Quest to become Superman, so it should be very interesting to see her in the comics, i wonder when she will finally meet Superman.

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#19 Posted by PowerHerc (86188 posts) - - Show Bio

She's fine on the show and if you like Superman's supporting cast of 'normal humans', then why not add her to the comics?   
Personally, adding her to the comic continuity just adds one more boring, non-powered and lame-ass character to the comics to take up panels that would be better devoted to Superman, his guest-star(s) and/or his protagonist(s).
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#20 Posted by Agent_Murdoch (184 posts) - - Show Bio

Chloe is a good character in my opinion, they will just need to be careful when bringing her into out beloved comic book continuity because god knows Smallville is so far from it

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#21 Posted by Mercy_ (94916 posts) - - Show Bio

The thing about Harley is that there wasn't an enormous backstory to work in. There were no retcons needed to explain her. She appeared suddenly but it felt natural, it didn't feel forced.

X-23 originated in cartoons as well (X-Men: Evolution), which was written by Kyle and Yost, who created her and have written the majority of her comic book appearances. She was created with a believable backstory and integrated easily into the comic book world.

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#22 Posted by Mtti (28 posts) - - Show Bio

Bringing her into the comics allows for portential rich story that is if they don't treat it like a gimic.
If I would conceptualize how they would have introduced her "back" I would create a storyline of Superman getting flashbacks or hidden memories of someone he knew long ago, then he would go on a mission talking to old characters and villains which would culiminate on Chloes discovery and who "erased" her and why. That sounds more interesting than Jimmys' sidekick..

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#23 Posted by Mercy_ (94916 posts) - - Show Bio
@Mtti I like your idea better than what they're actually doing.
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#24 Posted by Unwritten Duck (110 posts) - - Show Bio

From what I've read in the Jimmy Olsen features I really like her character. She has been the one that kept me reading those second features. God knows it's not Jimmy.

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#25 Posted by Lvenger (36338 posts) - - Show Bio

I hate that Action Comics backup feature. Spoils the excellent story that Paul Cornell has written. As for Chloe, she's been handled OKish but she could be better

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#26 Posted by queenfrost_ (2613 posts) - - Show Bio

Look at how harley turned out

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#27 Posted by ADAMocracy (137 posts) - - Show Bio
@Mtti: I concur with that
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#28 Posted by dementedtheclown (911 posts) - - Show Bio

The hairs a bit short, and not sure whats up with the belt.
But damnnnn is Alison Mack sexy!

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#29 Posted by longbowhunter (9425 posts) - - Show Bio

I dont really care either way. The Jimmy Olsen backup story in Action has been really good. Still with Smallville on its last leg it seems an odd time to introduce her.
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#30 Posted by ThanoStomp (890 posts) - - Show Bio

I like her in the show.  TV shows need whats called an "Exposition", which is typically someone who lays out all the details that they don't have time to get to in a 30 or 60 minute show. Chloe's character is a great fit for this.  Not sure its needed in the comic.

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#31 Posted by SUPER-MAN 23 (2667 posts) - - Show Bio

Chloe Sullivan in Action Comics is a great place for her debut in Comics

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#32 Posted by Video_Martian (5650 posts) - - Show Bio

So has Smallville ended already?  I stopped watching that show a LOOOONG time ago... =P

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#33 Posted by darksoul7th (214 posts) - - Show Bio
@SFX87 said:
No Caption Provided
I love chloe and now that Smallville is coming to an end im happy to see her in comics "
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#34 Posted by Primmaster64 (21668 posts) - - Show Bio

Jimmy's 22? How the hell?

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#35 Posted by The Mighty Monarch (3743 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd care much less about her introduction if it weren't so hyped by DC. Any other way, she's an adequately interesting addition to Jimmy Olson's supporting cast, but it bothers me that DC's made her into more of a gimmick, and it seems like a very poorly handled gimmick.

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#36 Posted by Teh MCP (1 posts) - - Show Bio
@RedheadedAtrocitus said:
"Had they incorporated her into DCU continuity say...about 8 or 9 years ago as the show progressed, then I could see the point.  This is just too abrupt.       Now some might try to invoke the example of Harleen Quinzell in Batman's world to counter my argument. And they would be correct except for one thing, Harley was gradually annexed into the DCU while the Animated Series progressed.  Now she's an accepted villainess of the Multiverse and nobody questions her right to be there. This is not the case with Chloe. "
I don't see Chloe's incorporation as being terribly forced.  Her first (and thus far only) appearances have been in a second story at the back of Action Comics.  Those bonus stories at the end of more established comics have traditionally been a place to introduce new characters, many of whom never really make it out on their own (see: Josie Mac).  I can see where a fan of the show might consider the timing odd, but treating her as a new character, her introduction makes sense.
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#37 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6958 posts) - - Show Bio
@Teh MCP:
You could be right.  I'm willing to give her a chance anyway. 
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#38 Posted by leokearon (1970 posts) - - Show Bio

Again DC decide to take stuff from TV/Movie, like what will she actually bring to the comics? Also the comic version looks nothing like the TV one.
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#39 Posted by Grendel (574 posts) - - Show Bio

The Jimmy Olsen back-ups have been surprisingly good.
Smallville has been unsurprisingly horrific for the last few years.

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#40 Posted by ImperiousRix (1144 posts) - - Show Bio

As some have stated, just because she's made one appearance isn't exactly "forcing" her on anybody.  Sure, it's implied that she has a history with Jimmy, and if that's the case that could lead to some actually decent storytelling involving Jimmy Olsen. 
Yes, the timing is odd to begin including her in the regular continuity, but she does have a large fanbase and, if integrated correctly, could be an entirely worthwhile character in her own right.

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#41 Posted by SevanGrim (2193 posts) - - Show Bio

 this is one of the few times i think comics is doing this right. Do we need Chloe? No. But shes a great character, and a great way t make Jimmy a little more interesting as they try to pump new life into his great yet always overlooked character.
 I do hope they dont try to make her Clarks old best friend. Clark has enough friends. She needs to be connected to them solely through the Daily Planet. 
 But all and all this is what Jimmy needs. He has always been considered a nerd because very few women seem to want to date him. But tossing Chloe into the mix kinda does what MArvel is doing with Peter Parker. You surround him with hot cool ex's and a wide variety of attractive interesting women, and suddenly he has got to be cool, becuase all of these girls seem to find him interesting.

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#42 Posted by NYStreets09e (167 posts) - - Show Bio

I hope she gets her Kick ass Healing powers 

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#43 Posted by AKAWiccan (170 posts) - - Show Bio
@NYStreets09e said:
" I hope she gets her Kick ass Healing powers  "
that would be amazing! :)
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#44 Posted by blackkitty (449 posts) - - Show Bio

My problem is, if they had simply introduced a new character and stated she was Jimmy's ex-girlfirend no one would be saying a thing, but to put Chloe in the role is somehow now a topic of conversation. I agree that the comic doesn't do her the justice she had in the show, but I really can't understand why people have a problem with this. Wait and see what they do with the character and simply seperate her from what you know about the show, kinda like when movies are made from comics and books.

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#45 Posted by Cherry Bomb (3295 posts) - - Show Bio

Chloe has been my favourite part of Smallville! 
I think she definitely deserves a place in Superman Comics. 
Hopefully with her Empathic Healing powers back ... ( : 

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#46 Posted by Midnight Monk (226 posts) - - Show Bio

I won't lie, I've never cared for or liked anything related to Superman and whenever I see Jimmy Olsen's red bowtie I can't help but laugh my ass off and frankly I find Chloe Sullivan much more interesting than Jimmy and her appearance doesn't seem forced in anyway. She could easily be inserted in the comics and Clark history without it being anything major, they could've gone to the same school and had similar friend but never were as close as they were on Smallville. BAM Chloe is in his history. 
As for Jimmy, as long as hes not turning into anything then I'm fine
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#47 Posted by ArtisticNeedham (2730 posts) - - Show Bio

They might be able to explain it somehow, maybe she got incredibly busy work and rarely has time to return home, maybe her contact with Superman would endanger their lives.  Maybe she was under witness protection again and she had to cut all ties to her former life for a long time.
I like the witness protection idea.  I hope she does add to Jimmy's supporting cast.

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#48 Posted by Refuel (1544 posts) - - Show Bio

Yes puhleease

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#49 Posted by comicbikerscott (152 posts) - - Show Bio

it's cool she's like x-23
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#50 Posted by The_Warlord (1831 posts) - - Show Bio

It could work

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