Chloe Robertson

    Character » Chloe Robertson appears in 2 issues.

    Niece of Joe Robertson and current intern of the Daily Bugle. She is famous among her piers for her digital news-items.

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    Chloe is the niece of longtime chief editor of the Daily Bugle, Robie Robertson. Chloe herself persuid a career in journalism as well, but in a 21st century way, making name with her digital newspieces.


    Chloe Robertson was created by Mat Johnson and Mack Chater and first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man: Daily Bugle issue 1 (2020).

    Major Story Arcs

    Internship at the Daily Bugle

    After graduating, Chloe was looking for a new job and found a way in to the Daily Bugle thanks to her uncle, Robbie Robertson. She was paired with veteran journalist Ben Urich. At first, Ben didnt want to hear from Chloe's new way of journalism and only thought she got the job because of her uncle. As time progressed, Ben and Chloe began to respect eachother's way of journalism.


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