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Chizuru Honsho is a student at Karakura High School. She is in the same class as Ichigo Kurosaki, the main protaganist of bleach. She is seen often in the first bleach arc, but not much afterward.She usually appears for comic relief. She is an open and proud lesbian, who seems happy almost all the time. She appears to be attracted to Orihime Inoue who she refers to as "Hime" which meaning princess, or this could just be a shortening of her name. She hugs Orihime every chance she gets, and usually compliments her and fondles her chest. She has also done this to Rukia Kuchiki while she was acting as a student of the school. She is usually stopped by Tatsuke Arisawa who always hits her to get her off of Orihime, but if anyone else interferes or says anything negative about Orihime, she goes into a full rage.

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