Character » Chiyo appears in 115 issues.

    Chiyo is a retired ninja puppet master and Sasori's grandmother. She possesses the puppets of Sasori's parents and the legendary 10 puppets of the original puppet-master, Monzaemon.

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    Chiyo's an accomplished medic ninja, able to use Mystical Hand to heal the injured, and can create both complex poisons and antidotes. She also developed a jutsu that allows her to restore life to the dead by giving up her own life-force.

    In addition to that, she's a puppet master, being able to effectively control up to 10 puppets at a time. Each of the puppets have unique equipment and gadgets installed, making them tricky. She controls them with Chakra Strings, allowing her to control their movements. She can also extend these threads to manipulate other objects in her environment, as well as control the bodies of other people.

    She possesses Sasori's first puppets, Mother and Father. They possess a bladed whip and a sword, as well as razor wire connected to their fingertips and chakra shields built into their arms.

    She also possesses Monzaemon's White Secret 10 puppet collection:

    One: possessed immense striking power.

    Two: could trap enemies and launch bombs.

    Three: capable of using a chakra seal, Lion's Closing Roar.

    Four: worked in junction with Six and Eight to use Three Buddhist Treasures Vacuum Destruction seal.

    Five: has a large built-in chakra buzzsaw.

    Six: worked in junction with Four and Eight to use Three Buddhist Treasures Vacuum Destruction seal.

    Seven: used a pair of swords, and is very quick.

    Eight: worked in junction with Four and Six to use Three Buddhist Treasures Vacuum Destruction seal.

    Nine: swings Five around on a chain when it uses it's buzzsaw.

    Ten: can extend piercing tentacles from it's head.

    Lastly, she had replaced her right arm with a prosthetic puppet arm, with a built-in chakra shield.


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