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    Chitoge Kirisaki is the daughter of the Bee Hive Gangsters' leader. She's paired in a relationship with Raku Ichijo to avoid feuding between their families.

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    Chitoge Kirisaki (桐崎 千棘, Kirisaki Chitoge) is a main character in the Nisekoi series that was created by Naoshi Komi. The series first began as a one-shot in Shueisha's seasonal magazine Jump NEXT!, then it was serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump on in November 7, 2011.

    Her first appearance was in Nisekoi Volume 1 CH. 1 "Promise".


    Chitoge is an attractive and slim fair-skinned young woman with beautiful waist-length blond hair that has pink tips at the end of her hair, strikingly aqua-blue eyes, stunning features, and coupled with her height - tall by most standards - and her natural figure, many people associate her with a supermodel.


    Chitoge is somewhat a forgetful, stern, and bold girl. However, once someone gets to know her better, she becomes very talkative and nice. Similar to Raku Ichijo, Chitoge is the type to go out of her way to help someone. For example, when Raku lost his pendant once again from the chain being broken, Chitoge had secretly gotten the Beehive gang to help fix it for him and gave it back later that night.

    Chitoge is somewhat oblivious when it comes to love and others' love interests, for example, how she didn't know what Seishirō Tsugumi’s "symptoms" were, which were actually love. She is also very athletic as she can easily jump over the school's walls and swim the length of the school pool in a couple of seconds.

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