China Doll

    Character » China Doll appears in 59 issues.

    China Doll is one of the members of Gatecrasher's Tech-Net, a band of extraterrestrial mercenaries. China Doll has the power to genetically alter the size of any biological being.

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    China Doll was a member of the otherdimensional bounty hunting team . Her ability to shrink opponents in size proved useful in capturing their bounties. When the team were forced to turn over their riches to a family of pirates, China Doll and most of the rest of the team left thr group, but returned later.

    China Doll accompanied Gatecrasher and the rest of the Technet to Earth first to hunt down the otherdimensional counterpart of Captain Britain and later to capture the mutant Rachel Summers. Both assignments were undertaken on behalf of Saturnyne.

    When Technet returned to Excalibur, Chinadoll joined the N-Men, a group made out of Technet members and trained by Night Crawler


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    X-Men The Animated Series

    China Doll, along with the other N-Men were seen in just a glance, on the animated series in Proteus, Part 1 (Episode 49)


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