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    Chimera is an extra dimensional pirate who commits crimes in multiple dimensions.

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    Chimera is an inter-dimensional pirate with questionable sanity. She lives to plunder the space-time continuum and travels with plasma wraiths, super-strong half-starved creatures wrapped in black bandages with sharp claws. At one time she was hired by Genesis, Cable's son, in a plot to catch Wolverine and re-bind him with adamantium. However, the plan didn't go too well and feral Wolverine nearly killed all the Dark Riders. Chimera and Dirt Nap were the only survivors of the attack.


    The character of Chimera was created by Larry Hama, Adam Kubert, and Dan Green, for use in Marvel comics. Chimera's first appearance is in Wolverine #97, which was released in January of 1997.

    Major Story Arcs

    Sisterhood of Evil Mutants

    Chimera has seemingly through unknown circumstances has appeared in Madripoor. Attacking drug runners, she then is ask by the Red Queen, Madelyne Pryor, to join her newly formed Sisterhood. The offer that the Red Queen gives her, is be killed or join her team and earn a chance to resurrect a fallen friend of her choice, bored out of her mind, she agrees non the less. With Mastermind and Madelyn, including herself, she is seen recruiting both Spiral and a dissembled Lady Deathstrike, both her agree to join. With the final recruit still in line, Chimera and the Sisterhood next approaches Lady Mastermind, who is at her father's grave mourning for her loss, though convinced by her sister she joins the group, completing the line-up. Her first task in her stint with the team was to kidnap the coffin of Kwannon, laying in Wolverine's private cemetery, after a short conflict with Domino, she is heavily wounded and stabbed in the chest.

    With Madelyne using her "magic" she heals Chimera, allowing them to perform the psychic ritual to extract the soul of Psylocke, who Madelyne managed to capture, to her former body. Success, leads the Chimera and the other girls to play the final round, to acquire a strain of Jean Grey's hair sample. With Mastermind, she manages to keep Dazzler, Northstar, and Cyclops out of battle. Next Chimera is seen investigating the base further and attacks two young X-members, Armor and X-23, who manages to escape from the help of Pixie. She later re-encounters Pixie, who was brought the Stepford Cuckoos and Elixir to come aid the team. Facing off against the Cuckoos, Chimera is beaten severely, but the intervention of Spiral saves her. Teleporting back to base, Chimera and the girls perform the same psychic ritual used to switch Psylocke to her former body, Madelyn takes Lady Deathstrike, Spiral, and herself to the grave that held Jean's body. There she attacks Domino, insisting on payback for what she done to her, but only to be beaten by Colossus. After the Red Queen's death, Spiral collects Chimera and the remaining Sisterhood, and teleports to an unknown location.

    Powers and Abilities

    Chimera can generate ectoplasmic bursts in the form of dragons, to strike enemies both physically and psionically. She has low-level telepathy. She possesses skill with weapons, generally firearms.

    Other Media


    Marvel: War of Heroes

    Marvel: War of Heroes
    Marvel: War of Heroes

    Lady Bullseye appears in several cards in the mobile card game Marvel: War of Heroes. Her cards are:

    • [Piratical] Chimera

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