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    Sanjeet Bhatia is a New Blood (created by an alien infection) with reality alteration powers. As Chimera, she became an ally of the Team Titans.

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    Sanjeet Bhatia was a refugee escaped from Qurac, along with her family. Once in USA, she became a classmate and friend of Carrie Levine. Sanjeet however had a drug habit than pushed people away from her and everything went worst when her boyfriend David broke broke up with her.

    Running away from her family and friend, she was captured by Glonth, one of the Bloodlines parasites than had arrived earth. After Glonth feasted on her spine, he left the comatose Sanjeet behind. The experience gave her immense reality alteration powers, which included tha ability to summon mythic beasts, even in a comatose state.

    The Team Titans investigated the alterations and discovered than the ilusions were nightmares caused by the bad relationship of Sanjeet with her father, who was a drug dealer, a fact than Sanjeet rejected. Sanjeet awoke with a better control of her powers after confront her father with the help of the Team Titans.


    The last name of Sanjeet changed several times. She has been known as Sanjeet Bhatia, Sanjeet Rey, Sanjeet Gupta.


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