Character » Chiller appears in 28 issues.

    Shape-shifting assassin of the 1000.

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    Chiller is a highly paid killer and disguise expert who is wanted by police agencies around the world. None of these agencies, however, have any clue about Chiller's past. Chiller was recruited by the 1000 to assassinate President Reagan and VP George Bush. Chiller was then to use his shape-changing ability to take the place of the President, appoint senator Henry Ballard as VP, and then resign his post due to ill health, leaving Ballard as President - free to appoint members of the 1000 to positions of influence and authority around the US.

    The plan was foiled by Booster Gold with help from Brainiac 5, Ultra Boy and Chameleon Boy. Chiller, however, escaped - no doubt, using one of his many disguises.
    He was later seen in The Slabside Maximum Security Prison, prior to the Joker's Last Laugh riots disguising himself as the Joker and staying in his cell while Joker set up his escape.


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