Character » Chillblaine appears in 20 issues.

    An ex-boyfriend of Golden Glider, whom he later murdered. Glider's brother, Captain Cold, killed Chillblaine to avenge his sister's death.

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    Nothing is known about Chillblaine's origin. Like the Chillblaines that preceded him, he was brought into the Rogues through his girlfriend, Golden Glider, who gave him some of Captain Cold's technology.


    Chillblaine was created by Mark Waid and Anthony Castrillo. He made his first appearance in The Flash #112.

    Major Story Arcs


    Aware that Golden Glider tends to kill Chillblaines, he enters into a secret alliance with Abra Kadabra and Dr Polaris. Soon after, he kills Golden Glider. However, his deal with the other villains goes south, and they nearly kill him, though he succeeds in having someone else die in his place. He is tracked down by Captain Cold, Glider's brother, who freezes the outer layer of his skin and impales him on icicles, killing him.

    Equipment and Weapons

    Chillblaine has access to some of Captain Cold's equipment, allowing some level of ice control.

    Other Media


    Robot Chicken

    Chillblaine appears among several other ice villains in the "Robot Chicken DC Comics Special." He is voiced by Matthew Senreich.


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