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Nothing is known about the early life or origin of Chill, save that he was raised on the streets of Gotham and became involved in crime from an early age. Rejected by the traditional criminals and gangs in Gotham, he joined the Penguin during the Gotham gang wars.


Chill was created by Frank Tieri and Jim Calafiore. He made his first appearance in Gotham Underground #3.

Major Story Arc

Gotham Underground

Chill becomes the leader of the New Rogues, a gang working for Penguin. He is sent to defend the Iceberg Lounge against Scarface, and does so successfully. Later, he leads his team in attacking Tobias Whale. He is able to capture Whale and brings him to Penguin, though he forces his team to abandon Burn, who has been shot by Vigilante, in the process. When Intergang moves into Gotham, he abandons Penguin, as does his team.

Final Crisis

Chill and his team join Libra's Secret Society of Super Villains. They are sent to force the original Rogues to join up with Libra. To this end, he and his team nearly kill Paul Gambi, and kidnap Captain Cold's father. When they are attacked by the original Rogues, he fights Captain Cold. Unused to the capabilities of his and Cold's weapons, he allows himself to become snared in a cold field. Cold snaps off his arm and kills him.

Powers and Abilities

Chill has no known superhuman powers or abilities. He is a competent leader.

Weapons and Equipment

Chill wields an older version of Captain Cold's cold gun, which allows him to generate intense cold fields and ice to a variety of effects. He is not very familiar with the gun and wields it unskilfully. He also wears a version of Cold's snow goggles to allow him to see clearly while firing his gun.


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