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    Character » Chili Storm appears in 327 issues.

    Chili Storm is Millie Collins' most enduring supporting character. A fellow model, Chili has served as a co-worker, close friend and business rival of Millie.

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    Chili is usually portrayed as a young woman who is interested in fashion.  Her background in not ever really described in any great detail but it is assumed that she comes from a regular family. 


    Her first appearance was in Millie the Model #5 in 1947.

    Character Evolution

    Chili was established in the early Millie titles as her rival and as generally having less morals, and possessing over other negative traits such as being egotistical, vain and self-serving.  These traits strained her relations with her co-workers.   She was featured throughout the Millie the Model series, and provided one of the main sources of comedy in her dry comebacks.  On occasion she and Millie would be portrayed as friends, when the plot called for it. 

    In 1969 she was given her own spin-off title called Chili which lasted for 26 issues.  Both titles were canceled in the same year (1973).  She would later go on to make guest appearances in various Marvel titles.  In 1980 Marvel attempted to relaunch the character by way of Millie’s niece Misty, where a character paying homage to Chili was introduced. 

    The most significant appearances of these characters in recent years was in the mini-series Models Inc. where they are established as friends and co-workers of Patsy Walker and Mary-Jane Watson.  In Marvel Divas Chili is revealed to be a lesbian and admitted an attraction to superheroines.

    Major Story Arcs

    As her early appearances were in a serialized format, many of her early stories had little continuity nor any real story arcs (especially so as they used a romance/comedy format).  After the cancelation of the series in which she was featured, she was reduced to a background character at Marvel.  Eventually she would star in the miniseries Models Inc. where Millie is charged with murder during fashion week.    

    Powers and Abilities

    As a model her primary characteristic which she depends on is her attractiveness, of which she is generally depicted as an extremely attractive woman.  


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