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    Team » Children of Tomorrow appears in 36 issues.

    Earth-1610 analogue of both Children of the Vault and Future Foundation.

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    The Children of Tomorrow were created by a villainous Reed Richards following hie escape from the Negative Zone, where he had been trapped for 1,000 years following the end of the Ultimate Enemy Trilogy. During this time, Richards was warped both mentally and physically. On his return to Earth-1610, Richards created the City, a sentient dome which slowly expanded from Germany across the European continent, threatening to consume the entire world. Now going by the title of Creator, Richards made the Children of Tomorrow to populate his city, which would eventually cover the entire world.

    The Children do not appear to have individual names, but are instead refered to by various titles. Notable Children include 6th Geneticist, who is one of several scientists who's duty it is to evaluate and learn from the captured members of the Asguardians and Excaliber following their confrontation with teh Children, and the Quorum, a group of four individuals who advise Richards on how to run the City.

    The Children of Tomorrow are responsible for the destruction of Asgard in the Ulitmate Universe (and the subsequent depowering of Thor), and the deaths of most of the members of Excaliber, the European version of the Ultimates. Viewing them as an international threat, Nick Fury approached Xorn and Zorn of Tian in order to form an alliance against the Children. Xorn insisted on trying deplomacy first, using the telepathic Celestial named Oracle to send a message of peace to the City. Richards responds by using the power of the City and the Children to slay Oracle. He then sends an army of Children to Tian, while Zorn prepares a similar force made up of his Eternals. Meanwhile, the Hulk is sent by S.H.I.E.L.D to attack the City, causing the deaths of thousand of Children.

    Powers and Abilities

    The Children of Tomorrow have exhibited a wide range of powers since their debut. Each individual is self-evolving, capable of adapting to almost any situation required. For example, Richards orders the 6th Geneticist to grow new eyes in order to properly understand and evaluate the Asguardian DNA and power source of Thor.


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