Children of Thanos

    Team » Children of Thanos appears in 45 issues.

    Thanos' personal horde of outcasts and criminals he has collected from across the galaxy to serve him. They are commonly referred to as "Thanos-Thralls" but appointed the name "Children of Thanos" for themselves following the demise of their leader.

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    Among the "Children of Thanos" were members of several noted alien races such as members of the Aakon, Badoon, Haab, Sagittarian, and Skrull.

    When the Avengers destroyed a universal language converting machine, the entire fleet no longer could understand each other and mostly killed one and other.

    However, there were more, or new, followers who returned and battled the Avengers during Thanos' attempt to acquire the Infinity Gems which ended in Thanos' death. Furthermore, Thanos had reprogrammed the Titan super-computer ISAAC to lead some of his Thralls in destroying Earth and Titan in revenge should he die.

    They were last seen worshiping the petrified body of Thanos and attacked Captain Marvel, Eros and Mentor who had came to take the body.


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