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    Child and Flaw are Lords of Chaos and are arch enemies to Amethyst Lord of Order.

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    During one of the many wars between Order and Chaos, the Lords of Chaos decided to reclaim the magical realm of Gemworld, and sent the Child to do so. However Amethyst was eventually able to stop the Child by merging with him, and then merging both of them with the Gemworld itself, effectively trapping them both.

    Child and Flaw died at the end of the 9th Age of Magic.

    Other Media

    Young Justice

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    A gender swapped version on Child made her animated debuted on Young Justice season 4 voiced by Erika Ishii.

    After getting weary of Klarion's antics and partnership with Vandal Savage, the Lords of Chaos sent Child to the mortal plane to reinvigorate their cause and dispose of the Witch Boy, once and for all.


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