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Chikage burned trying to save Miyuki
Chikage burned trying to save Miyuki

It was nine years ago when Chikage and her little sister Miyuki lost their parents in the terrorist bombing at the Tabioka Medical Conference. The were both burned alive in the rubble. Chikage and Mayumi went to live with relatives but felt unwelcome. They were taken in by Makoto Ogawa, and lived happily for some time. That was until Chikage came home to find her home on fire with Miyuki inside. Chikage tries to rush in and save her sister, but she was struck by burning debris. Miyuki had did in the fire, and Chikage was scarred over her back.

Several years alter, she was trained by a secret organization to be a killer of criminals. She has a source to vent her rage, and she uses fire to burn her targets alive.


Triage X Vol. 2 JPN (Sep 2010)
Triage X Vol. 2 JPN (Sep 2010)

Chikage Hizaki (緋崎 千影, Hizaki Chikage) is an antagonist character in the Triage X series that was created by Shoji Sato. It began serialization as a bi-monthly series in Fujimi Shobo's Monthly Dragon Age in 2009.

Her first appearance was in Triage X Volume 2 CH. 10 "CASE: 3 Midnight Guerrilla II - Overheat".

Though Chikage was first introduced in Volume 2, her name was never revealed until Volume 3, CH. 11 "CASE: 3 Midnight Guerrilla III - Clash of Killers".

Character Evolution

Chikage Hizaki is both an emotionally and physically scarred young woman. Both she and her younger sister lost their parents, but she also lost her sister to a house fire. Her attempt to try and save her little sister left her with a scar on her back, and a rage looking for a direction to vent. She is morally flexible with no concern for killing criminals of any degree, and has no problem killing civilians if they inconvenience her missions. She was trained by Makoto Ogawa, who she thought was her savior and looked to him as her master; but unknown to her at the time he was actually her sister's killer. It's unclear if Chikage is bisexual or lesbian. Ogawa does mention that he slept with Chikage to try and win over her heart as well as her loyalty. However, she flirted heavily with Makoto Kiba, leaned in to kiss her, and shared more with her about her past than she had anyone else.

Age: ??

Hair: Purple

Eyes: Violet

Height: ??

Measurements: ??

Major Story Arcs

CASE 3: Midnight Guerrilla

Chikage evades attack
Chikage evades attack

Chikage's mission to kill the leader of the Kabuto Syndicate, Yusuke Magari was interrupted after she had burned him alive. Two members of Black Label attacked but she evaded attack and escaped behind the wall of fire she created. Chikage would meet these same two on her next mission to kill two of the Kabuto's officers, Yukio Ohmichi and Masa'aki Oki. Though by the time she arrived she didn't know her targets were already dead inside. Two thugs attempted to attack her later that night, but she set them on fire before going home.

At Mochizuki High School, she met Mikoto Kiba. The two quickly became friends, and she ran into Mikoto later that night. The two talked privately and shared the stories of their past. Chikage was flirting with Mikoto, but she abruptly left. The next day after school, Mikoto helped Chikage with some school work, and they ran into Yuu Momokino being attacked by drug crashed man. They worked together to knock him away, and they discovered a message from the Kabuto Syndicate leader on his dropped phone. Chikage excused herself to prepare to attack.

Chikage reported the situation but was confused that the location the police were heading didn't match the information Mikoto was taking to the police. She arrived to find the female Black Label member she faced before both wounded and being chased after my civilians wearing bombs. Chikage realized that this girl was Mikoto, and she killed one of the men who attacked Mikoto. Chikage left Mikoto behind and started afire so she could go after Kunio Ohmichi. Mikoto still chased after, and they fought on top of the burning building. Makoto Ogawa appeared to finish off Kunio himself. Unsatisfied with Chikage's failure, he revealed he was the one who killed Miyuki for discovering his plans, then he shot Chikage in the eye with his crossbow. Mikoto retaliated by shooting him in the neck. Heartbroken from her discovery of manipulation and betrayal but still alive, she willingly dropped to her death into the burning building, despite Mikoto's pleading. Her remains were never identified.

Powers & Abilities

Chikage is a human woman with no supernatural powers or abilities. Her skill comes mainly form her own training and smarts.

Unarmed Combat

It's unknown for how long Chikage was trained in combat, but her was proficient enough to evade the attacks of Mikoto Kiba with ease.


Chikage has shown to have a sharp mind that can adapt at a moments notice to a change in a combat situation.


Chikage has shown a unique ability for stealth in both infiltration and evading capture.


Chikage's Taurus
Chikage's Taurus

As an arsonist, Chikage specializes in the use of fire-based weapons. She is also a talented hand to hand combatant to the degree of even besting Mikoto Kiba. Her side arm is the Taurus Model 4510 which is also known as "The Judge". Her rifle is a style of grenade launcher called the XM25 CDTE (Counter Defilade Target Engagement System) , also known as the "Punisher". She doesn't use a sight on the XM25, and loads incendiary rounds in both her weapons.

  • Taurus Model 4510 .45/.410: The Judge was developed by the by Taurus International company, which is part of the Brazilian Forjas Taurus S/A. It has a three inch barrel and a grip made from rubber. It can load both magnum and shotgun style rounds and a maximum capacity of 5 rounds.
  • XM25 Launcher: The Punisher was developed by Heckler & Koch. It has a length of 737 mm and weight of 6.35 kg when empty. I can load a wide variety of rounds from thermal, non-lethal, high explosive, and armor piercing. It can be effective from a distance of 500-700m and a maximum range of 1,000m.

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