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    Character » Chief Man-of-Bats appears in 63 issues.

    Along with his sidekick, Raven Red, he is a Native American member of the Batmen of All Nations.

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    Dr. William Eagle of the Sioux became Chief Man-of-Bats and a masked protector to local reservation when his son was still a young boy, a contemporary of the old and sadly deceased Knight Cyril Sheldrake and Dick Grayson. Once called Little Raven, his son is now Raven Red. Though they don't get along perfectly, with typical father-son issues complicating their relationship, they are still a proven crime fighting team, and Chief Man-of-Bats in particular has demonstrated great skill in the field as both a hero and a physician.

    Chief Man of Bats is a member of the Global Guardians as is his son Little Ravens, now calling himself Raven Red.


    Man of Bats was created by a number of writers including: Bill Finger, Dick Sprang, France 'Ed' Herron, Edmond Hamilton & the artist Sheldon Moldoff. His first appearance was in Batman #86 - Batman -- Indian Chief! However Eagle was redeveloped into a modern story by Grant Morrison. He has featured quite heavily along with his sidekick Raven Red in the Batman Incorporated storyline.

    Major Story Arcs

    Batman Incorporated

    Bruce Wayne signed up Man of Bats along with his son to join his crusade against criminals in this mega Morrison storyline once he realised he couldn't fight crime alone.


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