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A Chief Judge is the leader of the law enforcement in there respective city. To begin with Judge Fargo was Chief Judge of the United States, but when his successor Solomon was in power, this role was reduced to just Chief Judge of Mega-City One when the 3 Mega Cities were granted autonomy.

Chief Judges of Mega-City One

Chief Judge Eustace Fargo (2027-2051)

Chief Judge Solomon (2051-2057)

Chief Judge Goodman (2057-2100)

Chief Judge Cal (2100-2101)

Chief Judge Griffin (2101-2104)

Chief Judge McGruder (2104-2108)

Chief Judge Silver (2108-2112)

Chief Judge McGruder (2108-2116)

Chief Judge Hadrian Volt (2116-2121)

Chief Judge Hershey (2122-2131)

Chief Judge Francisco (2131-2132)

Chief Judge Sinfield (2132)

Chief Judge Francisco (2132- )

Several people have unofficially held the role, during invasions and the like:

Judge Death (2112) - during the Necropolis storyline

Judge Grice (2115)

Judge Greel (Acting, 2116)

Chief Judges of Other Cities

Other cities have their own Chief Judges such as Giza who was Chief Judge of Luxor City or Ohno who was Chief Judge of Hondo City.


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