Chief Judge Hershey

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    Chief Judge of Mega-City One.

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    Like all Judges Hershey was enrolled into the Academy of Law at a young age.


    Created by John Wagner and Brian Bolland, Judge Hershey appears in the 2000AD series 'Judge Dredd, he first appearance being in 1980 in 2000AD issue 162.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Judge Child Quest

    Judge Hershey is first introduced halfway through the Judge Child Arc, she is shown as being a bright, forward-thinking, and uncharacteristically caring Judge.

    Judge Hershey joins Dredd's mission to find the Judge Child, a precog who is predicted to save Mega-City One from certain disaster. The two of them, and a Judge named Lopez board a spacecraft to continue their search for the boy when he is taken off planet by the Angel Gang.

    During the course of the adventure Hershey handles herself well, she helps Dredd against a computer gone rogue, and assists him when the two are caught in a battle between two opposing Aliens.

    In the end they catch up with the Judge Child, and Dredd finishes off the last of the Angel Gang, but after finally meeting him Dredd deems the Judge Child to be evil, and he is left behind.

    The Fink

    Hershey is next seen during "The Fink" story.

    The Fink is the long lost son of Pa Angel, and brother to the rest of the Angel gang, a gang of criminals wiped out by Judge Dredd on his quest to find the Judge Child.

    The Fink is out for revenge, and intends to kill everyone who was involved in the Judge Child mission, he ambushes Judge Hershey and hits her with a knockout drug.

    Hershey is taken to a Resyk plant (a place in Mega-City One where the dead are sent to have their bodies broken down into their constituent parts to be recycled), and hung upside down.

    Whilst injected with a paralyzing agent Hershey is left on a conveyer belt by The Fink to be pulled to pieces by the machines whilst alive, but Dredd turns up and rescues her.

    After a short battle with Dredd the Fink is accidentally bitten by his own rat, and taken away.

    Rise to the office of Chief Judge of Mega-City One

    After many years, and many more adventures Hershey was promoted to being a member of the Council of Five, a governing body of Mega-City One, from where she had more of a voice.

    When Chief Judge McGruder stepped down for a second time Hershey put her name up for vote to become the next Chief Judge, her liberal policies however made her unpopular amongst other Judges.

    After Deputy Chief Judge Herriman's murder at the hands of Judge Mortis, Chief Judge Volt promoted Hershey as the new Deputy Chief Judge of Mega-City One.

    Volt's suicide for his incompetence during The Second Major Robot War meant that Hershey automatically reached the office of Chief Judge of Mega-City One, where she remains.

    In other Media

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    Judge Hershey appeared in the 1995 Judge Dredd film starring Judge Dredd, She was played by Diane Lane.

    In the movie Hershey helped Dredd to clear his name after he was framed for murder, defending him in court, and searching for evidence that would exonerate him after he was found guilty.

    The character was mainly treated as a love interest for Judge Dredd, with them even sharing a kiss at the end of the movie.


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