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    Father of Shayera Thal II, the Modern Age Hawkwoman

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    Andar Pul was a high ranking political figure on Thanagar. He seduced a 13-year old Shayera Thal I and fathered a daughter, Shayera Thal II. He abandoned them in the Downside ghettos of Thanagar to avoid a political scandal. Shayera Thal II grew up to be a Wingman in the Thanagarian police force and a super-hero known as Hawkwoman on Earth.


    Silver Age

    Writer, Gardner Fox, and artist, Joe Kubert, created Andar Pul in his first appearance in the Brave and the Bold vol 1 #42 (7/1962). Andar Pul was a Thanagarian police chief and the commander of Thanagarian police officers, Hawkman and Hawkgirl.

    Modern Age

    Writer and artist, Tim Truman, revised Andar Pul in Hawkworld #1 (8/1989). Andar Pul was revised as a corrupt government official, the new Administrator of Protection on Thanagar and the father of the Modern Age Hawkwoman.

    He required his daughter, Shayera Thal) essentially spied on his partner, sending reports directly to himself.


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